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About Us in is an alternative that has been launched with a noble intention to aware the people across the World about the teachings of Islam. The prime cause behind the genesis of this platform is to make the utmost use of Internet as a tool to guide the masses on the true path of Islam.

On all the queries pertaining to Islam are addressed under the scope of Holy Quran and Hadith, providing the solutions that are satisfactory in every logical sense. Our prime concern is to eradicate the misconception of the people around the World pertaining the Islam and introduce them to the true essence of the Islam.

Everyday new articles are published on under the guidance of Noble Quran, proving logically acceptable explanations. aims to acknowledge the people about the Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Life Of Companions, Teachings Of Quran and other allied aspects associated with Islam. Hadiths from the Shahi Bukhari are also incorporated on the platform to understand the depths of Islam in a better manner.

The Articles and the Topics of reputed Islamic scholars are posted on the medium after they are introspected under the supervision of Quran. In the era of utter ignorance, We stirve to preserve the teachings of Allah and his Messenger Prophet Muhammad PBUH by reaching out to individual dwelling around the different corners of the World.

In our Mission to widespread the Islam and the precious teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, We consistently try our level best to make the most out of the resources that are available to us. By switching to you are also empowered to search the entire database of the platform so that you can find the topic/issue that is relevant to you and equipped with desired answers.

Furthermore you can also become a subscriber by submitting your email address on the website and whenever a new topic is cited you will receive a copy of it in your email account. We at strictly adhere to Quran, Sunnah and the Hadith, we do not support any type of Innovation or Fitna. Our subject of matter is wholly and solely based on the commands of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Authenticated Hadith.


  1. Sir this website is vary authentic and Islamic.
    When use this website I can't go to 1st page to 2nd ,3rd or more articles. Please update this website.
    I want to read new article as well as previous article.
    Thank you so much to you and your all great work for Muslim ummah.

  2. Assalaamualaikum! Brother, may allah reward you for your good work. i want to knwo how you are related with doctor zakir nayek ?


  3. Assala mu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...
    I want to know whether a nikah is valid if son is a wali for second marriage of her mother and brides parents are either not informed about it nor taken permission..
    Also the groom is marrying for the second time without informing his first wife and family ...
    The kazi who performed the nikah was the gawah from groom side n brides daughter n kazi's wife was gawah from brides side ...this happened in mumbai india in the month of july
    Please reply waiting for ur opinion ..
    Assala mu alaikum


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