Allah Will Not Speak to Three People on the Day of Judgement - Know Them?

We all want to be forgiven by Allah on the day of judgment and we all have to do the things which pleased Allah in this world. Right? So today I am gonna write about this and will try to make it easy to understand so that you all can get the benefit. Allah will not even speak to these people and I know you all are eagerly waiting to know who are these people?


1) A person who makes oaths, for example, you have a shopkeeper who says ''by Allah, this costs me $10'' But really it probably cost him only $5. I am going to give it to you only in $10. I am not making not one cent of it! Have you seen that before? I tell you something, I have seen so much of it. When you travel a lot you start to see things you can't believe and especially when you know the price of a certain things and they are taking an oath by Allah, that deceitful person, that person that takes an oath by Allah and he is lying and deceiving the Muslims by taking their wealth because, what tends to happen is that, you want to quickly sell it so you might find someone who is vulnerable and then you might tell him an oath and because he is a trustworthy person, he might believe that person and he will buy it and really you have robbed him because you have lied to him. That is a major sin in Islam and it will cause you to have a terrible torment on that day and Allah will not speak with that person on the day of judgment.

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2) A person who withholds water from a traveler and he is one of the people that will be refused that Allah will not speak to them on the day of judgment. A person who withholds water from the traveler, when he has excess water. This person Allah will not speak with him on the day of resurrection.

3) A person who is a ''Dayooth''' he is another person that Allah will refuse to speak to him on that day. A ''Dayooth''' is a person who does not stops his women, who do not show jealousy to his women, for example, his wife, his sister, his daughters. If he doesn't mind when his women go outside without hijab and when they leave the house or mix with (Non-Mehrams) Strangers. He is dayooth.