A Real Man Never Disrespects a Women!

Men in our society are becoming more and more disrespectful towards women be it the women of their household of the women they don't know. They are always being disrespectful. A real man does not go along with his friends when they make jokes regarding women and degrade them. A real man who fears Allah and the day of Judgement will never do this. He will forbid his friends from the same and try to correct them in most polite and humble manner.
A real man takes care of his family, his parents, siblings, wife, and children. He does not choose his friends over his family. Though friends are important, he knows his priorities.
He fulfills all the rights and duties of his family and never has a frown on his face when taking care of them.
A real man does not concern himself with something that doesn't concern him. He does not boast or show off, he doesn't disregard or belittles anyone. He doesn't hold pride, ego, arrogance, and hate. He doesn't compete with others. 
A real man never harms a woman. He is kind to his mother, wife, daughter, and sister. He is respectful towards other women and lowers his gaze to protect his modesty and avoid any fitna. A real man is respectful during the marriage process and is not deceitful.
He does not guide women into sin. He fears Allah and constantly remembers that Allah is watching him.
A real man protects women and always help them with modesty and humbleness.
He hates to mistreat others.
A real man never abuses and does not stalk women in the real world or on social media. 
He will never stoop so low.

Indeed it is because of this our prophet Muhammad (saw) in his last moments commanded us to look after our women. 
So my brothers in Islam,
who among you is a real man? 
Do you protect and honor women?
Do you joke about women with your friends?
Do you eve-tease? Do you slide into dm's of women and girls on social media? 
Do you follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) when you deal with such issues?
Are your hearts corrupt?
Do you wish to be in hellfire?
Do you wish same to happen to your mother or wife?
Look at yourself. Think what you do. Think if its right. Change your ways, my brothers. Because if the best of us are those who are best to our women, then the worst of us would be those who are the worst to our women.
Many of our brothers have turned their back to Allah and these things seem normal to them. They find it amusing and wholeheartedly take part in them.They are competing for worldly gains and think such things increase their status. They take their marital bonds and family ties for granted. 

A man has no respect if he doesn't respect the women of our ummah.

So my beloved brother returns to Allah and be a Man before it's too late for you...

May Allah guide us all.