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Going Through Hardships? This Verse Will Soothe You

Allah says in an amazing verse in the Quran, and this is the most motivational, the most inspiring verse: Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. (Quran 2:286) Allah is speaking to us and informing us that He will never burden a soul with anything more than that which it can carry. Whatever you're going through no matter how hard, know that Allah knows you can get through it. Allah knows you can pass. And you have to believe this. Otherwise what you're implying indirectly that ‘Allah is unjust and He is burdening me with something I can't handle.’ Allah says, ‘I will never do this to my slave.’ You Can Pass So, let's create the worst scenario you could ever think of: you came home, you just lost your job, on the way you had a car accident, you smashed your car, by the time you’re home everyone in your family was murdered… Throw the worst scenario you could ever possibly put together… We all get in such situations, and Allah kno