Friday, 10 July 2020

Has Hajj Been Disrupted Before?

According to historians at the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, Hajj has been suspended for about 40 times in Islamic History.

Here’s a list of the most known incidents when Hajj was disrupted:

316 AH – 929 AD

Pilgrims Murdered

“No one performed Hajj that year for fear of the Carmatians,” The Carmatians believed that the rituals of Hajj were from the pre-Islamic times and idolatry. They killed more than 30000 pilgrims.

357 AH – 968 AD

Viral Epidemic

Al-Mashri’s disease spread in Makkah, so many creatures died, camels of pilgrims died on the way from thirst, and only a few of them arrived in Mecca, but they arrived after the Hajj.

390 AH – 1000 AD

Weakened Economy

The Egyptian pilgrimage was interrupted during the reign of Al-Aziz Bellah the Fatimid, due to the high cost of Hajj.

419 AH – 1028 AD

Political Boycott

No pilgrims from the people of the East or from Egypt performed Hajj due to political issues.

421 AH – 1030 AD

30k Pilgrims Killed

In 930, Mecca came under attack by Abu Taher al-janabi, the Chief of the Qarmatian heterodox sect, who set about killing the pilgrims.

430 AH – 1039 AD

Extensive Boycotts

No pilgrims came from Iraq and Khorasan, nor from the people of Syria or Egypt.

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492 AH – 1099 AD

Political Disputes

Muslims suffered confusion and loss of security throughout their large state due to the rampant conflict among their kings. This was five years before the fall of Jerusalem in the hands of the Crusaders. Hajj was halted due to political disputes.

563 AH – 1168 AD

War Leaves Many Out

The Egyptians did not perform Hajj, because of their king’s preoccupation with the war of Asad Al-Din.

654 to 658 AH – 1256 AD to 1260 AD

Very Few Attend

No one from other countries except the Hejaz performed Hajj.

1213 AH – 1799 AD

Warfare in Modernity

Hajj trips were halted during the French campaign due to the insecurity of the road.

1441 AH – 2020 AD

Covid-19 Pandemic : Hajj 2020

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Saudi officials announced that there won’t be any overseas pilgrims this year. Only 1,000 pilgrims that currently reside in the Kingdom will be allowed to perform Hajj. Hajj has been cancelled for millions.

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