Monday, 8 June 2020

When You Find it Hard to Pray, Do This.

When you do something regularly it becomes easy for you. It is a matter of conditioning yourself. When one finds a job but has to get up every day at 5am for it, the person who thinks it is very hard, they end up losing their job. They keep telling themselves "I can't do this; it is too hard to wake up early".

Ease comes when you accept the fact that you have to do certain things like arriving to work on time. When you come at things with a strong attitude Allah makes things easy.

We find many places in the Quran where Allah says He makes ease for us. When Allah gives us instructions it is to make things easy for us!

When you find it hard to pray or do acts of worship set yourself a challenge to keep it up for a week or a month. Keep a positive mindset that you CAN do this and Allahs helps is with you.

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