Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Finding Spiritual Happiness; 3 Ways!

We all want to find a spiritual happiness within ourselves. We all want to be content and feel peace and tranquility. Here are 3 ways to finding that spiritual happiness!

Human beings have a higher level of happiness other than physical happiness. That is a spiritual happiness; the happiness of the heart and soul. This high level of happiness can only come through our relationship with Allah.

The first tip is remembrance of Allah. You can’t nourish the heart without remembrance of Allah. This is the oxygen of our hearts. Without remembrance of Allah we will be miserable in this life and the next.

The second tip is to be grateful to Allah. We have to have gratitude for the blessings Allah has given us. We have to show appreciation and studies show this can actually help beat depression.

The third tip, whatever we focus on grows. Do not focus on negative things, focus on positive things. In every situation there is ease and hardship so we shouldn’t focus on the bad. We should focus on the goodness that we have because then it will grow!

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