What Happens When You First Enter the Grave?

Now my friends, his soul will be returned inside his body, inside his grave, now it will be the graves turn and what will the grave say? The grave will say "out of all the people that walked on me, you Abdullah was the one i hated most of all" "O Abdullah, I have been waiting for you all this time, I have been waiting for you to come to me, now that you have come to me today, today i will make you pay the price" "today you will know how I will deal with you" at that time my young friends, the grave will embrace him with such force that the rips of one side, they will penetrate into the other side and prophet Mohammed (saw) practicality demonstrated this, He took the fingers of his right hand and he placed it in the fingers of his left hand this is what will happen and now the angels Munkar and Nakir will come, Jibreel (as) one occasion asked Prophet Mohammed (saw) that "oh Rasool Allah i want you to describe these angles for me" so Rasool Allah (saw) was told that "o Mohammed without telling you the size of these Angeles "that their eyes glitter like lightning, have you seen a flash of lightning? this is how their eyes glitter you know their voices?rumbles like thunder...there teeth are like the horns of a bull, their hair reach their feet, the distance between their shoulders is miles know if u wanted to cover the distance from one shoulder to other shoulder, it would take you days and days. Rasool Allah(saw)was told that in these people, there is not even an ounce of mercy inside their hearts,their mercy is only for true believers, they will come to every one ,each one of them will carry a hammer of steel ,
My dear brothers and sisters , all those within the world, from the humankind to the jinn kind , if they were to get together just to pick up one these hammers,never mind moving an inch, they will not be even able to move a millimeter , they will come to him in his grave ,they will approach him: they will approach him in such a manner , may Allah protect, that every bone in his body will begin to crack, every bone they will approach him, he will faint, when he comes back around, they will ask the 3 questions: "recognize where you are, look around you, the world has come to an end, you are now inside the grave, tell us who is your lord" you know you and i  were sitting here, we're thinking, i read the Kalimah, who doesn't know the answer of these?" "My Lord is Allah, my Deen is Islam and this man is Muhammad (saw) who doesn't know? these are simple" my dear brothers and sisters, you know if you haven't lived a life according the teachings of Allah & his Prophet (saw), you know what? just as those that wine and dine whilst they are alive are wining and dinning on death bed and rather reading the Kalimah, they are uttering nonsense like "give me intoxicant to drink" if you spent a life like this, when these angels asks you these simple questions and indeed they are simple questions, my dear brothers and sisters, you will not have the answer. You know when the question is asked who is your Lord ?what do you think he will say?

Allah says in the Quran: you know he was one of those his god ,his lord was his desires, he did not listen to Allah ,he did not follow the teachings of Rasool Allah (saw) he was following his desires, his desire was thinking "oh this girl looks absolutely ,she is dynamite ,she is beautiful,go for her" he was going for her, his Nafs was saying "forget salah, let go chill with the boys,hang out on the street corners" he was doing this , his Nafs was saying "you know what? its not too bad to have a tablet or 2, enjoy yourself, you know you have only 19 to 15 years, life is to enjoy"that is what he was doing ?he was listening every single thing that his nafs was saying this was his god , so what is he gonna say?"i don't know "they bare gonna ask him "what is your Deen?" there was no Deen in his life , you know he believed that ,you know you turn to Allah when you are 70 ,you know when you cant pull any more , you have got no where to go, you know bones are cracking and you have got arthritis, you know you become weak,you have got wrinkle on your faces, this is what he believed that you go for haj at that age, till then you know you enjoy,so whats he gonna say" what is your Deen?" there was no Deen in his life,he was just a chiller...who is this man? he don't know who Mohammed (saw) was ,he read the Kalimah but he don't know who Mohammed was, he never fallowed Mohammed saw,he used to fallow the likes of Ronaldo, the Messis etc, he used to fallow people,you know these,the movie stars the pop stars ,you know the way they combing their hair,the waking the walk and taking the talk and the cloths and the cars,you name it for him,they were the role models .What he gonna turn around and whats he gonna say? He ain't gonna have an answer,and the time my friends"they will strike him with the mass with such force my dear brothers and sisters that the sparks will spread through out the grave,sparks will spread and it will be said to him" look above"and a door will be opened to paradise,he will look above ,the door will be open to paradise he will will be able to see paradise,he will be able to see the blessing of paradise and it will be said "o enemy of Allah" "had you worshiped Allah then this was your abode but you didn't " Rasool Allah (saw) at that time swore by his life,you know at that time he will feel such regret the likes of which he is never felt before ,you know that's when realty will come before his eyes,you know he is seeing jahannam (hell) and he knows now that he is been deprived ,he know whats going to happen thereafter,at that time Rasool Allah (saw) swore by his life "that individual will feel such regret the like of which he has never felt before"a door will be open towards hell and it would be said "O enemy of Allah ,this is your abode because you disobeyed Allah" and the hot of Jahannam (hell) will keep on entering his grave and he will roast right till the day of judgement.
Hadith of Bara ibn azib, after the questions a caller will call out: "give him the cloth of Jahannam(hell),give him bedding of Jahanam(hell) and open a door towards Jahannam(hell) for him" thereafter a man will come inside his grave this man is ugly of face, his clothes are ugly, he stinks, he will come in his grave and this man will begin to mock, he will being to take the mic and he will say to him" you know what? "good news, good news, glad tidings of what? of that which troubles you,of that which give you taklif, of that which you pain" you didn't believe, you were just too big to believe ,my dears brothers and sisters this is the day that you were promised,Allah mentioned in the Quran what your outcome will be if you reject, Rasool Allah (saw) mentioned it on thousands of Hadiths what your outcome will be if you reject , The Khateeb should remind you in every Khutbah about the consequences of Jahannam(hell).

May Allah Protect us from the punishment of Grave and torment of Hellfire(amen).