Feel Like Your Faith is Weak? It Happens, and Here Are Some Solutions

Remembering death and the grave and remember Allah that you will stand in front of Him one day. This cures weakness of faith, I start remembering the grave and the punishment in hereafter and the more I remember the more I hate everything I own, the more I despise this worldly life, the more I am satisfied with pretty much anything that comes in front of my path because what you realize is that you are going to be put in the ground and you are not taking any of it with you.

The only thing, the only currency of the hereafter is deeds. When you reach that grave its almost as if there is a sign there that nothing beyond this point except good deeds. Nothing behind there except the good deeds that you have done or the bad deeds that you have done and that is the only thing you can take beyond that point so dragging all this world around with you, it's not going to be yours anymore.

We must remember that the Prophet (saw) said, remember often the destroyer of pleasures and what is the destroyer of pleasures? Death. Death is going to destroy all that which you acquired of this life. When you finally are at your death, you are going to take one final look at this world and unfortunately, it's going to be the moment most of us realize how feeble this world is. When you are about to leave it when we are taking our last look at this world. We will realize that this world is nothing. The people who are blessed are people who realize that before death.

The prophet (saw) said about this world and this is how we are going to finish. He said about this world that once He was walking with his companions and there was a dead carcass on the side of the road that was deformed and He picked it up and He said, which one of you will buy this from me for a pound? They said ya Prophet (saw) we would not even take it if you gave it to us for free. We would not even take this dead stinking deformed carcass from you if it was free and then the Prophet (saw) said, You know that the world and everything it contains, all its glitz and glam and gold and wealth and status and money and fame and fortune, all of it to Allah is more despise than this carcass is despised in your eyes.

My dear brothers and sisters, it means nothing and Allah is going roll it all up on the day of judgment. The heavens and the earth Allah is going to roll it up and hold it in His hands and say, where are the kings of the earth today? The people who used to fight each other and strive and do so much injustice over this silly world? Where are you today?

 We have to remember that we will leave this world and we can't take any of it with us and we will regret every single moment that did not spend remembering Allah. Every moment you did not spend remembering Allah you will truly despise it and regret it. Let us not be of those people and let us do the good that we have while it's in front of us and let us avoid the evil that is in front of us we are here. Let's take advantage of the things that Allah has given us to purify ourselves and to purify our hearts.