One crime, one disease, one sin. That satan has succeeded in driving a man into is the greatest and the most dangerous and the most filthiest sin on the face of this earth is the sin of zina. (Fornication)

 A sin that destroys and shatters the homes. A sin that destroys good character, good behavior. That creates envy, hatred, jealousy, discord, enmity between people. That makes the society as a whole collapse. That brings shame, an embarrassment to the family and relatives. That destroys all the relatives together. That breaks them up. And that brings or opens the doors to the worst diseases on the face of this earth. Diseases. Nasty Diseases. Like Gonorrhea, herpes Aids etc. And much more.

 Allah says in the Quran: don’t come near adultery or fornication. It is a foul act. Allah calls it “a foul dirty act.” Its pathway will only lead to harm, it will lead you to a pathway with a dead end. It has no good end. You have to come back. You go away from deen and you go further and further away. It’s a lost end. You got to turn back and take the correct exit. Similarly don’t come close to Zina! Zina(Adultery or fornication) It can be done while a person is married or when a person is single. The punishment when you are married is worse than the punishment when you are single. But they are both major sins. They both hold terrible punishment in this world and in the hereafter as well. If a person repents in this world than Allah (swt) forgives him/her. But if repentance is not asked for and a person dies on that sin than the punishment is horrendous. This is a warning from Allah in order to guard our chastity, guard our morals, guard our families, and guard our society, our community.

 Islam is a holistic approach. A Muslim fits within the system, for the others, giving. Looking after the society, the young and the old, everybody. We, on the other hand live in a society, a secular society, in which it’s the individual. Everything is about the individual. Selfishness is beyond measure. Some people assume “don’t come near adultery” means “you can go out, you can fondle. You can spend some time you can do all that stuff but just don’t do the act of intercourse.” They think that Allah said that don’t do that. If we analyze the verse, Allah did not say do not commit zina, He said don’t come close to zina! There is a difference between doing and coming close to it. A look is coming close.A touch is coming close. A sweet word in the haram seclusion is coming close. A number. A kiss. A touch. All of these things is coming close to zina. Allah says don’t come close to zina, because once you come close to it. You’re on that pathway and that pathway if you keep going on it your temptations and your desires are going to continue to hassle you, provoke you. They are going to continue to urge you. 

Why does a human being find it hard to stop? Why do you keep going? Why is it, it doesn’t work for it when we say ”it’s okay, ill only go this far. I’m not gonna go very far. I’m not gonna go too deep. And then you suddenly find yourself too deep in a problem. Why? Why does this happen to a human? It is in the nature of the psychology of the human being which Allah has created, and he knows it best. And for this reason he said: “Don’t come close”