First its a order from a Messenger of Allah and if you can't follow that means you are disobeying Messenger of Allah and its mentioned in a Hadith that if the garments is below the ankle he will burn in fire and its also mentioned in a hadith that Allah will not look at your face on the day of judgement if you wear the garments below the ankle and it also says that all those who wear their garments with pride and arrogance so at that time it was a sign of pride and arrogance. Some scholars says that means if you wear below the ankles without pride and arrogance you can do it. Its wrong and what you have to realize that its a commandment of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that Allah will not look at you on the day of judgement and Allah will punish you if you wear below the ankle.

We may know the reason and we may not know the reason. What we have to realize that it was a sign of arrogance and today if its a sign or not it doesn't make any difference. If it means disobeying of Allah and his Messenger that is sufficient for a Muslim to obey the commandment. What people start thinking logically that i am putting my trousers without pride, you may say that so that means Abdullah ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) do you think he was doing with pride, of course not and no Muslim today say that we are better than the Sahabas because they were on the different level and at that time Abdullah ibn Umar he didn't have pride but yet Prophet said trousers up, its a Hadith of Sahih Muslim.

Some people argue that we are keeping it below the ankles and we don't have pride. It doesn't matter whether you have pride or not, the reason you are not following the commandments of messenger of Allah itself is pride. Allah will not see your face, Allah will pinish you so even if there is a doubt its wright or wrong? Its a authentic Hadith what else proof you need. Yes you may not look good but if you love Allah and his Messenger than there should be no problem for you to wear it above the ankles. If you wear your garments below the ankles that itself shows you have a pride. Don't you think so?

Today there are many scholars who tell that wearing the trousers below the ankles is not Haram. It itself shows clearly that if you cannot put your trousers above the ankles than what love do you have for the Allah and his messenger. What love do you have? In other garments you may face difficulty but in this there is no difficulty at all, is it costing you more money. Just because Allah said it and because Prophet said it we have to believe it, no argue at all. This is a sign of a Believer and this is the label and if label show your intent wear it. If the wearing above the ankles makes people firmly believe that i am a Muslim than what is the harm in it.

There are many people who claim and thinks which i don't think is right that if you wear above the ankles sun light comes and all this. I don't think its right? For me it comes the Verse of a Quran "Obey the Allah and Obey the Messenger" Allah said it and His Messenger said it, its sufficient for me. I don't require any proof, its a commandment and its surely a sign of arrogance. Some people may believe and may not believe it is a sign of arrogance. It was in the past and that is the reason when you see the kings and the rulers they always had the garments trailing on ground. You must have see it and today it may not be that relevant but if its not relevant, why you putting trousers below the ankle and that is the reason at least in india Masha Allah Muslims go to pray what they do besides wearing the cap they put their trousers above the ankle. Alhamdulilah but there is no authentic Verse or Hadith which says you have to do it only while praying. Generally you have to wear it above the ankle all the time. That is the rule and its a commandment of Prophet we have to do it.