Saturday, 3 August 2019

Final Movement of Khalid Ibn Waleed (RA)

It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘The better ones of you in the Days of Ignorance are the better ones of you in Islam when they understand (the religion).” These wise words of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were best proved in the case of our hero today, Khalid ibn AI-Waleed. For, it was Khalid IBN AI-WALEED who managed to cause the defeat of the Muslim army at Uhud? Before his conversion to Islam. After his acceptance of the Faith, Khalid IBN AI-WALEED was the champion of many a decisive battle in favor of Islam, such as the battle against Musaylimah the Imposter and the battle of Yarmauk against the Roman Empire’s army in Syria.

For the last four years of the life of KHALID IBN WALEED (RA), he was demoted, he couldn’t go into the battlefield this was the biggest test for Khalid ibn waleed. After Hira for six months he was stopped from going into the battlefield and Khalid dubbed that year “the year of the women” because he couldn’t go and fight. For the last four years of his life he couldn’t go and fight and the narrations mention that Khalid didn’t waste his time.

He would recite the Quran, man like Khalid Ibn Waleed! After Fajr he would recite the Quran until Dhuhr. He would say that jihad has stopped me from learning the Quran, now he made up for it from Fajr until Dhuhr, he would recite the Quran and would cry out of the fear of Allah continuously cry out of the fear of Allah. After four years when Khalid (RA) was close to his death Subhanallah can you imagine a man, who fought numerous battles! Brought down the superpowers is dying upon his bed and a Sahabi came and Khalid said to him “you know when Umer demoted me, I felt bad in my heart” but know I realized that what Umer done was right! Because Umer only wanted the khayr for the believers and I have nothing in my heart for Umer Ibn Khattab (RA). He was close to his death and narrations mention when people would walk in he would show them his arms, that there was not a handspan on his arm which did not have a wound upon it.

He showed his right arm, he would show the left arm, he would show the chest, he would show them the legs. He said look at me I have fought over hundred duels numerous battle and I am dying on my bed, Khalid is dying on his bed? (he keep on questioning himself). Someone replied “oh Khalid, don’t you understand, the day that the Prophet (PBUH) dubbed you the sword of Allah it was impossible for you to die on the battlefield if you died on the battlefield, that would have meant that the sword of Allah was broken by an infidel and the sword of Allah could never be broken. Khalid (RA) contrary to his desires died upon his bed.

On the battle of MUTAH Khalid (RA) broke nine swords why? Because they were the swords of Khalid as for Khalid himself he was Allah’s sword so he could never be broken. And the man who brought the two superpower of the day to the knees…. Passed away upon his bed. But the truth is, that why shouldn’t he desire martyrdom? For didn’t the prophet (PBUH) say about a martyr, that he is not given Ghusl because his blood will bear witness for his shahadah on the day of judgment, his clothes are not changed because his clothes will bare witness for him on the day of judgment.

A JINAZAH, according to many fuqaha, is not prayed upon the shaheed why? Because Allah says in Quran “those who have passed away in the path of Allah, don’t say they are died but they’re alive by Allah. The truth is that khalid’s clothes may not bare testimony to his Shahadah, his blood may not bare testimony to his Shahadah but swear by Allah every single shaheed of the Ummah will bare testimony for Khalid Ibn waleed because there has never been a shaheed in this Ummah who has not been inspired by Khalid Ibn waleed (RA). Never been a shaheed in this Ummah who has not been inspired by Khalid Ibn Waleed (RA)

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