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When Prophet (PBUH) Was Depressed

The greatest way to feel good in your heart To read the Surah ''Ad-Duha'' Because it is the most amazing Surah in the Quran That tells you to be positive and to feel good about Allah. This Surah was revealed at the time when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam Did not receive the Revelation from Allah for 6 months.For 6 months the prophet did not receive any Revelation from Allah. JIBREEL Did not come down Prophet (pbuh) did not see a dream and so Prophet thought that Allah hates him. He thought Allah does not want him as a Prophet anymore So all these thoughts were coming in his mind.

So what did Allah say? Allah said: By the sun and the morning in its blazing Glory So first thing that you tell someone who is depressed Wake-up, see the sunlight, It's not all Doom and gloom, There is a beautiful sun out their, beautiful light and by the night as it's enveloping.

The second problem with people who are Depressed is that they stay up the nights. They go to sleep in the morning they stay up Nights. Allah does not hate you O Muhammad Nor has He forgotten You. In the same way Ya Abdallah, Ya Amatallah Allah doesn’t hate you Allah has not forgotten you and indeed the hereafter will be far better for you than this Duniya. What is coming is going to be far better for you then what situation you are in now and very soon Allah will give you a massive reward and He will make you happy. Very soon Oh Muslimeen Allah will give you Jannah in’sha’Allah and make us happy.
Very soon Allah will give us a victory from all of this and make us happy. Allah has promised this and of a surety very soon we will go to jannah isn't this the most beautiful thing to say to a person who feels bad in his heart? then Allah gives reasons to believe this, what does he say? did he not find you an orphan and looked after you? ask yourself, were not you very sick sometimes? were not you a little boy and Allah looked after you? were not you a little girl, no one to care for you and Allah looked after you? and we found you misguided, did not we guide you? were not we miss guided brother and sister before w became practicing?

I know i never used to pray myself, I never knew about my Deen, didn't Allah find me misguided and guide me? in the same way, were not you misguided and Allah guided you, didn't Allah find you poor ? in need of wealth and didn't Allah give you wealth? how many of us Allah looked after us? when by Allah, our families still are struggling back home, so Allah gives more and more reasoning, to Rasullah (saw) and to us reminding us again and again, why you should believe everything else that Allah has said his promises that will come true so to the depressed person.

This is the best way to reason by telling him about the past and giving him reason to believe that Allah's promises will come true just like it did in the past and then Allah gives the antidote to depression, do you know what it is? it's to remenber those people who are far in more difficulty than you and so the orphan, don't be hard on him and the one who asks you, do not say no to him,the first is an orphan and number two is a beggar rember the orphans, they have no one to look after, you have parrents to look after you, you have family to look after you, somewhere to go home and the orphans have no body, the begger he has no food he is asking you for food and he goes to sleep hungry every day Allah has given you food.
How many of us has ever gone to sleep hungry "Subhan Allah' so Allah tells us the antidote which is to look at people below us and then the final way to remove this feeling of being disconnected from Allah, do you know what? and the blessings of your lord innumerate, talk about the blessing of Allah, Alhumdullah fo my eyes, Alhumdullah for my hands, Alhumdulilah for my mouth, Alhumdulillah for my heart.

If Allah did not love us, why is He still keeping us alive? If Allah didn't like us then why is He giving us sustenance for every minute that we are alive? If Allah didn't love us, why are we here today? Sharing this knowledge increasing in wisdom and love of Allah.

My brothers and sisters in Islam, next time you feel disconnected,read surah AD-Duha


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