Thursday, 4 July 2019

What Makes Women More Special Than Men?

This is actually a quality that makes the woman very special. Do you know what Allah created and placed inside the woman other than the soul? it is called in English ''The Womb'' and in Arabic, it is called ''Ar Rahim'' Ar Rahim means the mercy it is taken from Allah's name ''Ar Rahman'' the most merciful. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that Allah said: I have taken from my name ''Ar Rahman'' and shared it in the identification of the womb so I called Rahim, it is through the mothers this womb that is inside of them that families unite, it through this Rahim which brings a big man, a muscle a muscle man, a wrestler, a hero down to his knees and cries when he sees his mother, it is what brings families and keeps ties together it is the Rahim.
When Allah created this Rahim which is inside of the woman, (Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala) He saw the Rahim and it was crying. In the Hadith Prophet (saw) that the Rahim cried and Allah asked it: why are you crying? even though Allah knows but in order to show us what the Rahim said, the Rahim said: Oh my Lord, you have made me so valuable and too precious, you have made me very very precious and very fragile, I do not deserve to be broken and I fear that because You created the desires inside of the human beings they are going to rip me apart break me so Allah said: how about this Rahim, that whoever connects to you, I will connect them to Me? and whoever breaks you, I will disunite them from Me and where did He place the Rahim?





What does this mean? The trust is too big if a person thinks about it very deeply, you'd wish you weren't born because of such a big trust, our desires get the better of us.

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