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The Sad Truth Behind So Many Rich People

One of the things that really hurt me, really really hurt me is that people that are taxi drivers, all over the Gulf. I'm not talking about any one place, people that are taxi drivers or people that are you know servants, the cleaning crew in the hotels, people that are working in the stores you know people that are cleaning the streets, we pass by them and we don't even say Salam to them. It just hurts me.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) says: the one who works hard to earn his money is the beloved of Allah. Allah loves the one who works hard to earn his money. The Pathan guy who was making naan all day and his salwar kamiz is like brown, even though it's white it's turned brown and grey, he worked all day and he passes by you and are like ''What are these disgusting people doing here'' you should, at the very least they deserve your Salam and we've ingrained this idea that some people are better than others.
There is no such thing in this religion, every human being is equal and especially the Muslims ''All Believers Are Equal'' this guy comes to me he worked at the hotel, he recognized me ''Sir, can I take a picture with you? I was like why are you calling me sir bro, I'm your brother. okay sir brother lol can I take a picture with you? it's embedded in the mind that some people are better than them, that's not right, people are dignified.

We stand in one row (for prayers) yes or no? you don't check somebody's passport before you put them in the first row, you don't check out how much money you make? oh you go fourth row? you don't do that and the Salah itself teaches us that every human being is supposed to be treated equally. In this society and in so many Muslim societies, this is happening in Pakistan, I'm not even picking on the gulf guys, I'm not even picking on that. This is happening in Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, you know India, you know some rich family goes and they go to a restaurant, you know? and I saw it with my own eyes one time, they go to a restaurant and then this tinted windows and the kid rolls the automatic window down and he is like 12 year old boy and the old man who comes to him and asks ''Sir can i get you some tea? 60 year old man imagine and the the boy '' go get some tea for me? like he's talking to somebody like five years old or something, (Old Man) yes sir i will bring you the tea.

If I wasn't gonna get arrested, i would have taken that kid out of that chair and told him ''Talk with respect, he is your elder'' They are older than you, you treat them with respect. What's the point of memorizing Quran, studying the Book of Allah and you don't treat the janitors with respect and the cleaners with respect and the taxi driver with respect? what are you learning? why are you learning? what's the point? so we have to change our thinking? this is more Hasanat for you to make people feel dignified in this society, give them good counsel, speak to them like equals, speak to them with respect.
Every human being deserves respect, every human being and I told you today it's not just the Muslims, every human being should be treated with respect. Why in the world would they want to come close to Islam when they see us behave like this? what reason have we given them? people keep saying ''the problem of the Ummah is the political problem, it's the economic problem, it's the social problem, it's the education and I say NO!!! the problem of the Ummah is the Hikma (Wisdom) problem, that's the real problem we have and then, by the way in Dawah that doesn't mean you're always soft, this is wisdom of Allah, everything is balanced, you're not always soft.

Sometimes people attack you, sometimes they will make fun of you, sometimes people insult your Prophet (pbuh) and when that happens, this is not the time to be soft, this is the time to be tough and so what does Allah say: ''and debate with them, argue with them, take them head-on with something that is better, with what is better, if they argue, you argue with something better, if they use anger, you use calmness, if they use dirty words, you only use clean words because every time you respond, it should be with something what? something better.


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