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The Reason Why Plural Marriage is Permitted for Men but Not for Women

Q. As-salaam Alaikum, my name is Shaila – I would like… I would like to ask, why is Polygamy permitted in Islam – and that is why a man is allowed to marry more than one wife?

A. (Dr.Zakir): Sister has asked the question, that why is Polygamy permitted in Islam, that is why… is a man is allowed to marry more than one wife, in Islam? The Polygamy actually means that… ‘A person who has more than one Spouse’. It is divided into two categories – ‘Polygeny’… in which, a man has more than one wife, and ‘Polyendry’… in which, a woman has got more than one husband. People normally think Polygamy means… ‘A man can only… man can marry more than one wife’ – Polygamy means both… ‘A person having more than one spouse’. If a man has more than one wife, it’s called ‘Polygeny’… and if a woman has more than one husband, it is called ‘Polyendry’. But since the sister has mainly asked the question… ‘Why is a man allowed to marry more than one wife?’ I will answer, why is Polygeny al­lowed in Islam. Qur’an happens to be the only Religious book on the face of the earth, which says… ‘Marry only one’. There is no Religious book on the face of the earth, which says… ‘Marry only one’.

You read the Geeta, you read the Veda, you read the Ramayana, you read the Mahabharata, you read the Bible – Nowhere it is mentioned… ‘Marry only one’ – Its only mentioned in the Qur’an. In fact, if you read the Hindu Scriptures, most of the kings… most of the kings had several wives – King Dashrat had more than one wife, Lord Krishna had several wives. If you read the Jewish Scriptures, the Jewish law allowed ‘Polygeny’ in the 11th century. It was only when Rabi Gurdshom Benjahuda, he passed a Signora and said… ‘Polygeny should not be allowed’. Still, it was practised by the Steptronic Jewish community, in the Muslim countries… until in 1950, the chief Rabainite of Israel put a ban on it. The Christian Bible allows Polygeny – only a couple of centuries ago, the Church put a ban on it. Even if you analyse the legal aspect of India, the Indian law allowed a Hindu man to have more than one wife. It was only in 1954 when the Hindu Marriage Act was passed, and if I am wrong Justice Kazi can correct me – When the Hindu Marriage Act was passed in 1954, which put a ban, and prohibited the Hindu man to marry more than one wife.
If you see the statistics, according to a committee report on ‘The status of women in Islam’, which was published in 1975, on page No. 66 and 67, it states the percentage of Polygamous marriages. And it said that… ‘The percentage in which the Hindus did Polygenous marriages, it was 5.06, and the percentage of Muslim Polygenous marriages was only 4.31’. Let us leave the statistics, aside… let us come to the main point – why did Islam allow Polygeny? As I mentioned earlier, Qur’an is the only Religious book on the face of the earth which says… ‘Marry only one’. It is mentioned in Surah Nisa, Ch. No. 4, Verse No. 3, that… ‘You can marry women of your choice, in twos, threes or fours, but if you can not do justice, marry only one’. This statement… ‘Marry only one’, is only given in the Qur’an – it is not there in any other Religious books. In pre-Islamic Arabia, men had several wives… Some people had hundreds of wives. Islam put an upper limit to Polygamy – Maximum four. And if you can have more than one wife, only on the condition, that you can do equal justice between the two, or bet­ween the three, or four – otherwise only one.

And the same Surah… Surah Nisa, Ch. No. 4, Verse No. 129, says that…, ‘It is very difficult for a man to be just, between his wives’. So Polygamy is an exception… it is not the rule – Many people think that Islam says…, you should compulsory marry more than one wife. There are five categories of do’s and don’ts, in Islam. 1st category is compulsory, which is ‘Farz’, the 2nd category is ‘Recommended’or ‘Encouraged’, the 3rd category is the ‘Permissible’ category, the 4th category is the ‘Discouraged’ category, and the last is prohibited or ‘Forbidden’ – Polygeny, falls in the middle category of, ‘Permissible’. There is no statement in any Hadith, or in the Qur'an which says that… ‘If a man marries more than one wife, he is a better Muslim than a person who marries only one wife’. Let us analyse logically, why does Islam allow a man, to marry more than one wife? By nature, men and women are born… male and females are born, in equal proportion. But medical science tells us that… ‘The fetus… if it’s a female, it is stronger than the male fetus.’ Pediatric knowledge tells us, that… a female child has got more resistance, than the male child – A female child can fight germs and disease, much stronger and a better way, than the male child. *** Medical science tells us, that the female is health wise a stronger sex, than the male – so in the Pediatric stage itself, the female ratio is higher than the male ratio.

Wars take place in the world, and during wars, more males are killed than the female. Even the recent war which took place… in the recent war which took place in Afghanistan, approximately more than one and a half million people were martyred, out of which most of them were men. Statistics tell us that accidents take place – More of the men die in accidents than female – More male death takes place due to cigarette smoking than female death. Therefore, we have more females in the world, as compared to the male. India is one of the countries, besides the few of the Asian countries, and Africa, in which the female population is more than the male population. And the reason I have given you … because more than one million fetuses are… female fetuses are being aborted, every year.
And because of the high rate of infanticide… female infanticide – that is the reason, that females are less than the male. Otherwise, you stop this evil practice, and within a few decade, you’ll have that the male population is… will become much less than the female population. In New York alone, there are 1 million females more than male – In US, alone there are 7.8 million females more than males, and out of the male population of New York, 1/3 are Gay. They are Sodomites – That means, they can not find female partners – And there are more than 25 million Gays in America.

In Britain alone, there are more than 4 million females, more than males – In Germany alone there are 5 million females more, than males – In Russia alone, there are 7 million females, more than males – And God knows, how many million females are there more than the males, in this whole world. I suppose my sister happens to live in America and suppose the market is saturated, every man has found a female partner for himself – Still, there will be more than 30 million females in the USA alone, who will not be able to find husbands. And suppose my sister who is living in America, happens to be amongst the unfortunate ladies, who has not found a partner yet – The only option remaining for her is, that she either marries a husband… she marries a man who already has a wife, or she becomes public prop­erty – There is no third option. And believe me I have posted this question to hundreds of Non-Muslims, and everyone opted for the first – No one so far, has opted for the second. But there are some people who are smart, and he said that… ‘I would prefer my sister remaining a virgin’. Believe me, medical science tells us, that a man or woman cannot remain a virgin, throughout her life. She cannot remain a virgin, throughout her life, without indulging in illicit sex or sexual perversion, because daily, sex hormones are being liberated in the body.

And those great men, who claim to have renounced the world, for example the Sages and the Sants, who go to mountains and Himalayas… behind them, you find the devadasis going – for what? According to a report… according to a report… ‘Out of the Priests and the Nuns of the Church of England, the majority indulge in fornication and homosexuality’ – there is no option… there no third option. The only option is, that you marry a husband who already has a wife, or you become a public property.


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