Thursday, 25 July 2019

Syria - The Plan of Allah

It's become the norm now probably for the last seven years, when you follow the news and when you look at what's going on in Syria, you don't hear anything but disasters and horror stories. It became so common that it's not even considered news anymore and we all know the details about what's going on out there but no matter how bad it seems, no matter how low the fate of the Ummah appears, we can never lose hope in the plan of Allah because Allah (subhana WA Ta'ala) has a plan for this Ummah.

It's not by coincidence that it's happening in Syria, in Ash-Sham because that's a land of great significance, the occurrences that will happen near the end of times go back to Ash-Sham, meaning Syria, Jordan, Palestine in that surrounding area. Allah mentioned in the Quran: ''Exalted is He who took his servant by night (meaning Muhammad) from Masjid Al-Haram to Masjid Al-Aqsa (the area that Allah blessed)

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to make dua for that land and for the people of that land. He used to say after Fajr, He used to ask Allah to place blessings (Barakah) in Al-Madinah and in the provisions of the Muslims and in the Haram and in Ash-Sham. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in one Hadith: ''Good news (glad tidings) for Ash-Sham. The angels of Allah have spread their wings over Ash-Sham. That was a place that thousands of the Companions of the Prophet travel to. It was the capital of Islam for a period of time. The trials at the ends of times go back to Ash-Sham. The Imaan (true faith) will go back to Ash-Sham as the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: ''When the fitna, when the great trials occur at the end of times, that real faith (Imaan) will be in Ash-Sham.

We have to understand that although it's very difficult to see what's taking place over there right now and sometimes we might not understand the wisdom, we might not understand the wisdom of Allah but we have to have certainty that Allah (subhanho wa taala) has a plan for this Ummah. Sometimes Allah tries you in your life, you go through some unexpected difficulty, something with your health, something with your wealth, the family, some unexpected problems come up, during the trial we don't always know why it's happening. We're not always able to see the wisdom. Why would Allah allow this to happen right now? There are a lot of questions that we don't have answers to but have to have certainty that Allah (subhana WA Ta'ala) has a plan.

We are all familiar with the story of Musa (AS). When Musa was born as the story comes in the Quran, Fir'aun had ordered his government to go out and murder the sons that are born to Bani-Israel, because of a vision, a dream that he had that it would be a child from Bani-Israel that was going to overthrow his kingdom so he ordered because of that vision, his soldiers to go out every so often and murder all of the sons of Bani-Israel. That was around the time when Musa (alayhi salaam) was born. So Allah inspired the mother of Musa as Allah says: ''And we inspired the mother of Moses, suckle him, but when you fear for him if you fear for his life then cast him into the river and do not fear and do not grieve''

She followed that inspiration from Allah. When she feared for her newborn's life, she cast him into the river. Now just imagine how hard would that be for the mother of a newborn child to cast him into the river, to watch him downstream and simply have to trust in the plan of Allah. That's not something easy. That's something very difficult to imagine. Allah further inspired her: ''Indeed, we will return him to you and we will make him one of the messengers'' She had that promise but there is no way she could fully understand what the plan of Allah was. What sense did it make to send her newborn floating down the stream?

We all know the story, my dear brothers and sisters. The container carrying the Musa (as) landed near the castle of Fir'aun and was picked up by his family and his wife she took a liking to this baby. The wife of Fir'aun said: He will be a comfort for our eyes, do not kill him; perhaps we may benefit from him or we may adopt him as a son'' All of this while Allah says: ''They perceived not." Little did they know that it was the plan of Allah for Moosa to be raised up in the castle of Fir'aun and for him to be a Messenger of Allah later on in life and free Bani-Israel from the oppression of Fir'aun. Nobody could have seen the wisdom at the time but Allah (subhana WA Ta'ala) had a plan so we should never lose faith in the plan of Allah (Subhanahu WA Ta'ala)

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