Friday, 5 July 2019

Is Your Business Halaal?

All praise be to Allah.

Business (tijarat) is one of the Sunnah of our prophet Mohammad(pbuh). When we say sunnah we mean an honest and sincere business. But in modern times, is every business run by Muslims all over world Halaal?

This is the question Muslims should always keep in our mind before starting up any venture.

Is it according to the teachings of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)? Because if it is not, it will cause a big problem in our hereafter.

Many Muslims run their business without realizing that many aspects of their business contradict the Islamic teachings. Many people are simply ignorant. So now the question arises, how you know your business is 100% halaal?

We will try to point out some issues regarding this and InshaAllah hope that it will help our brothers and sisters realize where they stand in our businesses.

Invalid transactions (najasah) should be avoided. It includes selling and purchase of a source of najasah i.e buying and selling of things which are prohibited in Islam e.g instruments for gambling, buying and selling alcohol, riba-based business, e.t.c

If your business involves any such transaction than it is haraam and one must simply abandon it for the sake of Allah. Allah is the best of providers, He will provide for you from the pure sources. InshaAllah.

2. Compromised purity

Selling anything which is not in its original form without the consciousness of a buyer. Products included in this can be .oil, salt,wheat and similar products. There is no place for adulteration or selling goods of cheap quality at high prices, in other words cheating a buyer in purchasing a substandard item is a sin and forbidden.

There is hadith of Mohammad (pbuh) about it. It is narrated that once prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was going through a pile food market. He put his hand inside it and felt the dampness in pile of food, although the surface was dry said; ‘’0 OWNER OF FOOD , WHAT IS THIS? THE MAN REPLIED ‘’ IT WAS DAMAGED BY RAIN O MESSENGER OF GOD. PROPHET PBUH REPLIED , WHY DID YOU NOT PUT THE RAIN DAMAGED FOOD ON TOP SO THAT PEOPLE COULD SEE IT! WHOEVER CHEATS US IS NOT ONE OF US. (SAHEEH MUSLIM).

So this hadith makes it clear that selling anything which is not in its original form is prohibited.

To sale purchase and manufacture images, idols are haraam.

Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) Those who make images will be punished on the day of resurrection and it will be said to them ‘’make alive what you have developed’’ (bukhari and muslim)


Working together, mixing of men and women at the workplace is prohibited by the Islamic law(shairiah). It is not allowed because it could lead the ummah to fitnah(evil consequences) and wrongdoing.

If a business involves women then one must practice good behavior and make the environment around the establishment as decent as possible and any immorality must not be tolerated.

These are the major factors which every Muslim should be aware of before starting any business.

May allah azwajal increase us in our wealth by halaal means .

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  1. So, women should not work? In any corporate world, there are no businesses run solely by women. And as you are aware, there are many "refugees', immigrant etc that had to flee our "purely" Muslim Country not by choice. Is it better to seek employment or life on social services, which by the way, comes mostly Haram Businesses.


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