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How to Spot the Fake Scholars

What I mean by the scholars of Dunya or the scholars of falsehood is that his object of learning Islam is that so he can live in ease and comforts, and to get honor and prestige from people. They are slaves to evil habits. The devil is powerful over the majority among them and various kinds of sins misguide them. Almost everyone among them is engrossed in the luxuries of this world and its comforts and enjoyments.

For this reason, the majority of them consider good as bad and bad as good. They duped the people to believe that there is no other science than that of fiqh or munazara (debates). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), had called them the most wicked among the people. You must beware of being deceived by the ambiguities of these scholars of falsehood.

Their evil influence upon religion is greater than Satan, because it is through these fake scholars aid that satan arrives at removing religion from the hearts of men. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated in a hadith, “At the end of time there will be ignorant worshipers and corrupt scholars.” (Hakim).

You can identify them by many of their typical traits among them :

1) They Create An Environment Of Fanaticism For The Truth & Regard With Contempt & Scorn All Non-Conformists (i.e. Who Disagrees With Him).

This they do for the lust of glory and fame. For prestige requires a following and nothing attracts a following better than bigotry, cursing and vilifying of opponents. They have adopted fanaticism as their rule of conduct and their method of approach.

They call this defense of religion and a protection for the Muslims, while in fact, it results in nothing but the destruction of all people and in the firm establishment of innovation in their minds.

2) They Involve Themselves in Polemics & Wrangling To Gain Repute & Prestige.

They feign that they are striving after the principles of religion without making the slightest effort towards the science of religion

The wicked scholar is like a boulder that has fallen into the source of a stream. It neither absolves any water itself nor permits it to flow out and reach the plants.

The wicked scholar is also like aqueducts which flow to a garden, yet they release a putrid smell, as it has [as it's source] a cesspool of rotting corpses. Its outer part is cultivated but its inner part is full of dead men’s bones. You need not fear the Devil as much as men who have relieved the Devil of the task of tempting and misleading people.

They might have a reputation of a Scholar among laymen --- but these "scholars" could not even distinguish true knowledge from falsehood. This is because of their unawareness of the acts of the Companions/ Sahaba.

3) Their Tongues Are Sweeter Than Honey But Their Hearts Are Darker Than Night.

They will urge people to abandon this world while they themselves do not renounce it. They place fear of Allah in the hearts of men while they themselves have no fear of Him. They forbid men to seek the favor of those in Rulers while they themselves carry favor with them.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated, “The worst Ulema visits the house of rulers while the best rulers visit the houses of Ulema.” (Ibn Majah).

Saeed Ibn ul Musayyab (rahmatullah aleihi) said, “If you see ulema visits the houses of rulers, beware of him because verily he is a thief.“

Sufyan Ath-Thawri said, “If you see a scholar who has many friends -- you may be certain he is charlatan and fake. Because if he would speak the truth, those friends would hate him.“

They engage themselves in learning argumentation and debate to achieve fame and glory and leave that for which Allah has sent the Prophets. One sage said, “I have seen [the true] scholars, and they only used to teach one another piety.“

4) They Prefer This World To The Hereafter.

Umar ibn Khattab (RA), said, “If you see a scholar cherishing this world, then don't entrust your deen into his hands because everyone is captivated by what he loves.“


  1. May Allah protect us from the follow of fake schoolers

  2. May Allah protect the Ummah from this fake scholars


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