Monday, 3 June 2019

When Allah Begins to Love You - Know It

Read carefully, my dear brothers and sisters. You wanna get close to Allah and you wanna feel happy so keep reading this full article.

There is nothing more beloved to me that my servant does than the types of worship which i made obligatory upon him (Fard) The Hijab, The daily 5 prayers, The fasting you see that is fard. You must do it and I punish you for not doing it, Allah says these are the most beloved acts to me than anything else in the universe and that is why I made them fard upon you because I love them and that is how you stay close to me and that is why I made a punishment because I refuse, for you to go away from Me.

I refuse to lose you to the shaytan so I made it compulsory and then Allah said and my slave keeps coming closer to Me with voluntary work and things that Allah didn't make compulsory but you do them out of your own good will like Sunnah prayers, Dhikr prayers, Helping Muslims, Making dua saying a nice word to someone, Smiling to your wife, Assisting to your wife, Feeding your children. THIS IS WORSHIP.

My servant keeps coming closer to me with these voluntary acts and until I begin to love him and when I begin to love her, I become her ears, that she hears with, her sight which she sees with, her hands which she touches with or his legs which he walks with or which he stands on, supports himself with and if he asks Me for anything I will give them and if he sought protection from Me, I will protect them.
You know what it means to be your hearing and your sight and your hand and your support? It means that your ears suddenly, suddenly you feel like your ears only wanna listen to good things. You know pop music? Islam forbids it right? and we know why, your ear once used to love listening to it and when you start doing these compulsory things and then you start doing good acts charity and all that stuff and suddenly without anyone telling you, your heart begins to hate listening to that stuff and you don't know why and your ears doesn't wanna listen to it then you find comfort in Quran. You start to find the words that please Allah and you feel discomfort when you are sitting in a group and someone backbites someone else, you don't wanna listen, someone talks about rubbish, you don't wanna listen, someone tells you that Prophet (pbuh) said and you open your ears! Your eyes, you see something Haram, you don't wanna look anymore, you feel discomfort but the one who doesn't remember Allah, their eyes find pleasure in lust and the one who remembers Allah, Allah becomes their sight and their heart is filled with Iman (Faith)


May Allah make us among them (Ameen)

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