Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The Duniya Has Changed Us.

Read this beautiful event from the life of Umar (RA)

It is reported from Abdullah b. Umar:

When Umar ibn Al-Khattaab Radiallahu Anhu arrived in Al-Sham, he said to Abu Ubaydah: "Take us to your home."

- Abu Ubaydah Radiallahu Anhu asked Umar: "And what will you do with my home?"

- Umar replied: "Just take us there."

- Abu Ubaydah said: "You will only want to cry your eyes out over me when we arrive, but yes, I shall take you there..."

- So Umar entered his house and saw nothing by way of furnishings in it.

- Umar asked him: "Where are your things? I see nothing but rags, a water-skin, and a dish tray, and you are a governor in our Ummah! Do you even have any food in your house?!"
- So Abu Ubaydah went over to an old bucket and took out some scraps of food that he had left for his day..

- Upon seeing this, the Khalifah's (Umar) eyes began to instantly swell up with tears..

- Abu Ubaydah said to him: "I told you-you would cry your eyes out for me. O Commander of the Believers, sufficient for us all from the Dunya is what delivers us to our place of rest tonight."

- So Umar said to him: "This Dunya has changed us all Abu Ubaydah... all of us except for you..."

- [Abu Dawud, Kitab Al-Zuhd article 123, and others]

Mau Allah make us among such people.

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