Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Too Lazy to Pray? Read This Amazing Reminder.

Turn to Allah, read your five Sallah a day, o my friend? and you do not read five Sallah? how can that be? My brothers and sisters, if you have read one in the past, and now you are reading two, its a very big improvement .but that is not still... The ideal.

You need to continue because as Muslims, we have five prayers during the day and night. If you look at the Hadith of Mu'adh ibn jabal (RA) when he was sent to Yemen; He was told to teach the people several items. From amongst them, One of them was telling them. They OWE Allah five daily prayers, not two, not three. You know, we word it differently when we speak to the younger people.

Sometimes we tell them you know, you need a key to enter; for example, let's say paradise !you want to enter paradise, you need a key. You want to enter this door, you need a key. Each key has a number of teeth. Just like if I want to phone you, I need your phone number. If I have one error in the whole phone number, I won't get through to you. You see. So, if would like paradise, I need to read five Sallah on a daily basis.
That is a figure. That is the number of teeth on the key if you have a tooth missing what happens? try it! take your key and break one tooth, put it in. It won't open your door. But there are so many other teeth! One is missing.

My brothers and sisters, against your laziness...Or mine, Against ...the coziness of your bed, Against, whatever ... You are doing in the mall, or at your workplace or enjoying with your family .stop everything at the time of Sallah and quickly fulfill your Sallah. Imagine I am saying 'quickly' whereas by right its not supposed to be done quickly, but !even if you have done it, in the midst of your work and have fulfilled that Sallah, come what may! that may just be the means of your entry into paradise. Some of us are not submitter.

You know, we follow Islam where it is easy for us, only. Well, we need to do better than that. which means, where it is easy, all praise to be Allah. Where it is difficult, we still have to try and we still want to please Allah. In order to stand up in prayer for the almighty, fearing him and have hope in his mercy, May Allah grant that to us(Amen)

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