This Is How You Can Deal With Your Unhappy Marriage Life

Unhappy marriage, it can create a lot of problems, not just problems but two lives as well as the peace of your mind. To deal with it, we have research and put our efforts to give you a solution for this problem.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship and base on trust between two persons. But sometimes husband or wife suffers lots of problem because of communication problems or maybe they don’t understand each other. Also sometimes some external factors may influence the marriage. But the thing is if one of them compromise for children or for the family then he or she can give happiness to others but can’t live himself or herself happy.

So the matter of discussion here is:


For happiness, you must have to understand that satisfaction of both husband and wife is important. If you just expect from your wife to compromise then you will lose her permanently because in that case, she will be just physically there for you.
So, to live happy in your marriage firstly you have to know about your Spouse nature if he or she is of quiet nature then don’t focus on the immature behavior you have to talk to him or her with the mature manner. But if your spouse is fun loving then you can handle him or her with different fun factors.

But if your condition is different and you are forced live with him or herself or if your spouse or your family blackmailed you to live forcefully then you shouldn’t try to attempt any wrong act. Allah doesn’t allow us to harm the body. You have to deal your unhappy marriage with courage and patience.

Time is the best healer. You have to wait until Allah decide you comfort you. You should constantly be praying to Allah to settle all the things to make your marriage life happy. Allah makes this relation with purity so you all should try your level best to keep this relationship alive. But still if you have done with your marriage then you can take separation from each other to live your life peacefully and there is nothing wrong with it because our religion Islam slows us for this.

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