The Easiest Way to Enter Jannah (Paradise) - Must Read

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reminded us that the parent is the middle or the largest door to Jannah. This means the easiest way to enter Jannah is to give love and help to parents and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that the pleasure of Allah is found in the pleasure of the parents and the displeasure of Allah is found in the displeasure of the parents so whoever wants Allah to be pleased with him should please his parents and whoever is worried about the punishment of Allah should be worried about the anger of his parents.

Once a Sahabi came from Yemen and he says: Oh Prophet of Allah I have come to you from Yemen so that I can give you... I can become a Sahabi and I can do Jihad behind you and I have left my parents and they are crying because they want me, I left up my parents and I came to you and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: If you want the pleasure of Allah, go back to them and make them laugh as you have made them cry, this is what our Prophet said. You think you want Jannah, you have come to me and you have left your parents crying? How can you get Jannah in this manner, He came to be a Sahabi and he came to do Jihad behind the Messenger of Allah but he left his parents crying and the Prophet (SAW) said: You think you will enter Jannah in this manner?.... Go back to them and make them laugh, this is the way to enter Jannah to please the parents.
Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the one who told us that the easiest way to get to Jannah was by pleasing the parents. The son of Abdullah ibn Zubair, the famous Sahabi when his father past away, He said: I am not crying because my father has died, I am crying because my easiest door to Jannah has been shut from me.

We do not know how long we have with our parents and for those of you whose parents are alive do whatever you can to please them and make them happy and for those whose parents have moved on there is much that can still be done. A man came to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and said: Oh Messenger of Allah my mother has died, what can I do to help my mother, now that she is dead is there anything I can do? The Prophet (SAW) said... yes, there is much that you can do, make dua for her, seek forgiveness for her, give Sadaqah on her behalf, go for Hajj and Umrah and visit her relatives and friends so these are the things that can be done once your parents have moved on from this world.

My last advice to my dear brothers and sisters, realise that as you grow older your greatest regret will always be the bad memories that you have let with your mother and father, you will never be able to take back a harsh word and you will never be able to take back a bad memory, anytime you caused your mother or father to stress it will cause you so much grief as long as you live so my dear brothers and sisters remember what Allah has told you in the Quran "Don't Say UFF ToThem, Don't Speak Harshly To Them & Keep On Being Kind & Generous"

You want to earn the pleasure of Allah, you have in front of you two doors "Your Mother & Your Father" Please them and you will enter Jannah (in sha Allah)

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