Is Your Heart Dead or It's Still Alive - Find Out?

Every human being is in constant effort to improve upon his health, career and every other aspect of life that takes him step closer to success and in the state of contentment. All these efforts are valid and must be carried out for the physical well being but at the end of the day, a Muslim must know that true contentment and happiness comes from the deen and by constantly cleansing his heart. This post is not to undermine the values of taking care of oneself but the importance of taking care of one's deen along with taking care of one's physical health.

The Prophet Sallahu Alayhi Wasallaam said: In the body, there is a morsel of flesh which, if it is sound and clean, then all of the body is sound and clean, but if it becomes diseased, then all of the body becomes diseased. Verily this part of the body is the heart. [Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim]

So based on this Hadith, and there are many other textual evidences to support this fact, regardless if a Muslim eats organic, goes vegan, takes natural supplements and takes all of the physical precautions to aid their health, if their heart is dirty due to turning away from Islam and it's teachings, then it's totally pointless and their body will become sick and diseased. On the contrary, if one wishes to heal their body, then they should also follow the instructions of the Messenger Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam and take care of their heart to do so.

Unfortunately, we have lost the zeal to look after our hearts, we are giving space to all the dirt in it which includes jealousy, hatred, envy, selfishness, backbiting etc all these things make ones heartsick. So no matter how hard you try, if it's your heart that is sick you cannot attain peace and great physical well being. All these are considered to be the diseases of heart and majority of the Muslim ummah suffers from it.

If you're not practicing Islam, and if you're not focusing on cleaning your heart, and preventing your heart from becoming dead, then by Allah you're wasting your efforts and the person who has a clean heart will die in a better state even if their body was completely diseased when compared to the one who was in great shape physically but had a diseased heart.
When we die our bodies don't avail us anymore, they become food for the worms. They rot! What matters there us a pure heart and a beautiful soul. The ones with the pure soul and strong taqwa, the one who constantly cleansed ones heart us the one who will receive great rewards in the hereafter. No matter how much effort does a person pay to his physical appearance it will not benefit him whereas the beautiful and clean heart will.

It is because instead of being too much focused and obsessed with the worldly things the people of Jannah are constantly seeking knowledge of deen, A knowledge that never exhausts or extinguishes, but rather gives life and strength. Repenting and making efforts to be closer to Allah. A knowledge that never exhausts or extinguishes, but rather gives life and strength.

This post is not meant to undermine anyone's effort to live a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important. If we do not look after our bodies we are indeed doing a great sin. Our bodies are amaanah of Allah and we have to look after them in the best possible way but this post is throwing the light on the issue of how important it is to cleanse our heart and soul along with the bodily health. We should not be obsessed with something so worldly and forget the Hereafter. We should have a balanced approach towards the deen and Duniya. If we are striving for this Duniya than we must double the effort to strive for the deen and hereafter. Your main focus should be the state of your heart. How dirty is it? How dead is it? Do you even weep when you hear the Quran anymore?

If your heart is clean, your body will be clean, healthy, strong and vibrant.... but if your heart is dead, all the vitamins and diets in the world will never bring it back to life.

* Considering that this Duniya is temporary.

* Feeling upset when some sin is committed.

* Continuously repenting.

* Feeling upset when not offer salah or read Quran.

* Finding greatest pleasure in worshipping Allah.

* Love to spend time in worshipping Allah.

* Constantly striving to please Allah.

* Worldly things and losses doesn't matter much.


* Sinning and not regretting.

* Finding pleasure in sinning and enjoying it.

* Considering the matters of deen less important.

* Not wasting time.

* Doing all the stuff that is forbidden.

* Doesn't like to remember Allah and stays away from the deen talk or such people.

* Raising doubts and questions on the Quran and Sunnah.

May Allah guide us.

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