If You Have These Qualities You Are a Good Muslim

Quran and Ahadees describe the Qualities of a good Muslim.

Following are the Qualities of a Good Muslim according to Quran and Ahadees.

You also try to Evaluate that do you have these Qualities and if you have not try to bring them in you to become a Good Muslim.

1 Justice & Dealing with Equality.

2 Trust in Allah (swt)

3 Patience

4 Rescuing

5 Kind and Gentle to other People

6 Perfection in his job

7 Repentance

8 Keeps Kindliness in all matters

9 Piety

10 Body Purification

11 Good doing

12 Reflection of Allah Grace

13 Loftiness

14 Strength

15 Loves other for Sake of Allah (swt)

16 Forgives others mistakes

17 Do good deeds Continuously

18 Good manner and Conduct

19 Loves Virtuous Deeds

These are some of the Qualities of a Good Muslim May Allah (swt) help us also to bring these Qualities in ourselves.

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