How to Dispose a Piece of Paper With "Allah" Written on it.

I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (saw) is His slave and Messenger.

It happens often that we have some reading materials or other pieces of paper that need to be disposed of but may contain the name of Allah the Almighty in English or Arabic or sometimes we scribble unintentionally the name of Allah on our notebooks or books.

The question is how to dispose off such items without dishonoring Allah azawajal? May Allah protect us.

Our first approach must be to put the books or such paper to good use by giving them off to people who can benefit from them or by placing them in library for that purpose but if it is not fit for that( suppose you have scribbled something of that sort on notebook) then they may be destroyed by burning of cutting the paper to bits so that the name of Allah azawajal could not be made out. You can also bury them.
Our first approach should be to preserve them and honor them and if it still needs to be disposed off than that must be done in an honorable manner. (clarified in Fataawa 84055 and87024. )

This is whether those are written in Arabic or in another language if it is known that what is meant by what is written is the Name of Allah or one of His Attributes.

Ibn Hajar (RA) said in his Fataawa said: “It is obligatory to honor, revere and glorify the Quran and every glorified name, like the name of Allaah, or the name of a Prophet of Allaah. What is meant by the names of the Prophets are the names that are understood to be the name of a Prophet, so that phrases are used with it to indicate that it is the name of a Prophet, such as "Muhammad the Messenger of Allaah (saw)" or "‘Eesa (Jesus) (as)", or "Moosa (Moses), whom Allaah had spoken to", and so on. But this ruling does not apply to the name Muhammad, or ‘Eesa, or Moosa alone.”

As for the word “God,” it means any worshipped entity and it does not specifically refer to the Name of “Allaah”.

May Allah allow us to do all that is good and guide us in Islam.

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