How to Connect With Allah in Sallah

Today we engage in sallah but a lot of us are guilty just pick-in the ground like a little bird, like a chicken we just pick the ground a few times and we are out what did we do? we don't know you ask people who have reverted to Islam they will tell you, I don't understand this prayer because nobody has ever tried to understand the words you are saying.

My brothers and sisters i challenge you and I call upon u very strongly to make an effort to understand the words you are saying in sallah, your life will change! Did you understand what i am trying to convey you? Come on, we are living for 30,40,50 years, How can i not yet know the word of sallah, don't you think that is an embarrassment, i don't know I am standing in front of my maker, I know the words in Arabic but I haven't understood their meanings and i have been reading sallah for the last 40 years that is an embarrassment.

Can I still call my self a good Muslim? close your business for one week and go and learn the meanings of sallah, It is far more profitable the whatever you would make for that week, and this is a challenge?
This is why you are not happy, this is why we take a look at the smallest pin-prick that we have on over toes and we become depressed because we haven't understood sallah and Allah says in

Surah Bakarah "O you who believe, seek assistance through bearing patience and through your prayer, Allah is indeed with those who bare patience"

when you know the meanings of the words of your sallah, you will not want to stop and you will not want to get your head off the ground, because know you know, I am plugged in with the one whom I am going to return to my ultimate aim of existence is to meet him one day that's all.

My Dear brothers and sisters please continue your prayers and In sha Allah, you will get rid of depression and you will earn Allah's mercy.

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  1. Masha Allah. I just read this in a minute but Allah has grant me the understanding like I read it for years. May Allah increase your knowledge and grant you more wisdom. Inshaa Allah


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