Find Out How Much You Love Allah

If you want to know how much you love Allah. You want to know how much you love Allah? OK! take this example and that's a friend of mine as well who studied in Germany for about eight years, his mother could not read or write, she was illiterate and at that time there was no internet, there were no more mobile phones. The only way of communication was sending letters, he would send a letter every month, one letter every month and his mother could not read or write.

When she got the first letter, she went to her neighbor to her friend and she asked her to read the letter for her, she read the letter and she was in tears for his son and this specific son had a special place in her heart. (Subhan Allah). Second month, she did the same thing and third month she went and that lady wasn't in the country, she was out of town so that day she didn't have anyone to read for her.

Her other sons were in school so she was frustrated for most of the day until one of her sons came back from school, she said read that for me please but she was drained at that time emotionally. When she had this experience, she said I'll make sure this never happens again, what did she do? She taught herself how to read and write, she literally learned how to read on her own just to read the letters coming from her son so now she could read and write.
Now the question is do you think she loves her son? How much? She loves her son, as you think yes she loves her son to bits. Now my question... Or this woman used to after she could read and even before she could read, she always had these letters in front of her. She would, hug the letters look at them and after she learned reading, she would read them every day.

Now my question... this woman loves her son so much that is why she would read his letters every day. My question is how often do you read the letters of Allah. How often do read the book of Allah? When last did you read the Quran? How often do you do it? Do you feel the attachment as you read the Quran? That's the question?

Now you put in your feelings to the test. You know many times we like to, be in favor of ourselves, not face the reality but with a lot of analogy, we'll be shocked at what we do. Now this woman obviously is a human being and she loves her son so much and that's what why she would read his letters every day and that's why she took the pains for her life, she never bothered learning, how to read or write but she learned how to read just because of her son because of she loves he son.

Now how much do you love Allah (Subhan wa Talla'ah)? Tell me or you want to keep the answer to yourself because you are feeling so sad. That's so simple my dear brothers and sisters.

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