Black Stone Is Being Protected By 24 Guards, But Why ?

Black Stone is one of the things which holds a very high importance in the religion of Islam, it is located at the eastern corner of the Holy Kaaba and it is always guarded by security guards.

Black Stone is never left unattended and you must have seen that every guard coming and going to protect the stone.

This is to add to your knowledge that it was once got stolen and then later discovered. Since then, the Saudi government has put some security personnel to protect it because it’s a stone from the heaven.

Black Stone is also known as the Hajr e Aswad.

So this is one of the most interesting things that the Saudi government has assigned 24 security guards and they come each day and night in all around 24 hours to protect the black stone.

Whenever a single guard comes to protect Stone. His duty also includes actively looking what’s happening in the surroundings for an hour. Moreover the duty of these guards include, if a pilgrim or a visitor faints because of excessive heat or something else so they are there to rescue them.
These guards protecting the black stone has been assigned the different kind of tasks, these guards maintain the safety of visitors as well as teach them the right way of kissing Hajr e Aswad, these guards are also responsible for maintaining the line of visitors who are willing to kiss the stone and this is being said by Grand Mosque police spokesman Major Sameh Al-Sulami.

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