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Allah Reveals an Entire Surah Because of This Woman

This story is about a very special woman her name is Khawla bint Tha'labah (ra) and she tells her story, she says that my husband was Al-aws ibn Samit and he was older than me and he had a really really bad temper so he used to constantly be verbally abusive with me and we had an argument and he said to me, you are to me like my mother's back, means you're like my mum, meaning you are haraam for me so I'm not gonna touch you.

I'm not going to treat you like a wife, you have no rights upon me. I'm just going to leave you in the house like a prisoner, this was a form of 'divorce' that existed in the time of Jahiliyah (ignorance) but the problem is now they're Muslims so Khawla says; he said this to me and next day he came back, he is a hot tempered man and he was fine and he tried to be intimate with me and I said no! you can't tell me that I'm like your mother's back and then try to be intimate with me the next day so Khawla says; he actually tried to force himself on me and she says I was a lot stronger than he was.

I was a strong young woman so I pushed him off and I went to the Prophet (pbuh) and when she went to the Prophet (pbuh) and she told the Prophet (pbuh). Read carefully my dear brothers and sisters, Allah could have revealed to the Prophet (pbuh) something privately to deal with her situation but instead Allah the Almighty reveals an entire Surah of the Quran in response to this woman. (Subhan Allah)

The first words of that Surah is ''Allah has heard the plea of that woman that has come to you complaining about her husband and she grieves to Allah, she's complaining to Allah''. This Surah is (The Women Who Pleads). If I ask you what Surah of the Quran has a mention of Allah in every Ayaat (Verse), most people would say it might be Surah Ikhlaas, No!! Here you have a Surah, that's actually more than a couple of pages and Allah (subhana WA Ta'ala) chooses this Surah to be the only Surah in which His name is in every single Ayah. (The Woman Who Pleads)

Allah is saying that He heard that woman when no one else heard her so much so, that He revealed a Surah with His name in each and every single ayah to show how much he heard that woman (subhan Allah). This created a culture amongst Sahaba (companions), remember Umar ibn Khattab (ra), He was walking one day and He is with a man by the name of Al- Jarood (ra).

Al- Jarood says that; while we're walking this woman suddenly calls out and says: Oh Umar i remember you when you were Umair, which means the little Umar and you were in the marketplace, you were in the marketplace tending to your sheep with a stick so fear Allah as Khalifah, taking care of the people and know that the one who fears the threat of punishment in the hereafter realizes that it's not distant and the one who fears death, fears missing an opportunity in this life.

Umar ibn Khattab (ra) broke down into tears, Al- Jarrod says; what is it with you old lady, why did you make the man cry like that, why are you talking to Ameer-ul-Mumineen that way, why you are talking to Khalifat that way and Umar (ra) grabs him and says to Al-Jarood; do you know who this woman is, this is Khawla, this is the woman that Allah heard from above seven heavens. You think I'm not going to listen to her (Subhan Allah), It actually created a culture amongst the Sahaba to respect women in particular and to realize that just because people might not be heard in this world doesn't mean Allah is not hearing them.

Suratul Mujaadilah./ 58 المجادلة Al-Mujadila The Pleading Womanا

(May Allah accept our efforts)


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