Waking Up Suddenly at Night? There Is an Amazing Thing You Can Do!

Have you ever woken up from your sleep at nighttime, maybe because of a dream, A noise you heard, some sort of movement you felt or whatever reason.. now in such cases, you have people that just pause for a few seconds, look around and make sure everything is okay and then go back to sleep. You have others that go right to their phone to see the latest notifications and then also go back to sleep and you have all sorts of things people do when they wake up during these few moments at night. now with that being said, read carefully to this Prophetic practice by Rasool Allah (saw) which I hope that with Allah help all of you will be able to implement and make a habit of in'sha'Allah.

I promise you it is not difficult and is very very beneficial, Rasool Allah (saw) said: whoever gets up at night and says, now pay attention to what you're supposed to say, ''There is No Deity Worthy Of Worship Except Allah'' - ''He is The Only One & Has No Partners'' - ''For Him is The Kingdom'' - ''For Him is All Praise'' - ''And He is Capable Of Doing Everything & Anything'' - ''All Glory Be To Allah'' - ''All Praise Be To Allah'' - ''And There is No Deity Worthy Of Worship Except Allah'' - ''And Allah is Greater Than Everything & Anything'' - ''And There is Neither Might Nor Power Except With Allah''

The Prophet (saw) said that whoever says that Dua when they get up at night and then says O Allah! forgive me, you know what the Prophet said will happen? Allah will except (Allah Hu Akbar), Allah will forgive your sins. So, O you who have crossed Allah's limits during the day, O you have sinned right before sleeping, utilize this moment of making this very short Dua and then followed up by saying, O Allah! Forgive me, for you will be forgiven guaranteed in'sha'Allah and the Prophets of Allah continued and said if they choose to make any Dua, any Dua of your choice then Allah will accept and respond! (Allah Hu Akbar).
Prophet (saw) said and if they make Wudhu and then they pray, Allah accept their prayers. What is more beautiful than knowing that Allah has accepted a good deed of yours (Allah Hu Akbar) so brothers and sisters when you wake up at night then at minimum say that Dua and follow up with asking Allah forgiveness or make a Dua of your choice for he has promised to accept.

This is an opportunity to show Allah how much He means to you. how much you love him! whereby you in these few moments at night, while tossing around in bed trying to go back to sleep. You say, There is no Lord except you, You have no partners, This kingdom is yours and You are deserving of all praise, You can do whatever you want, Glory be to you, Praise be to you, There is no Lord but you, You are the greatest, There is no change nor power except by your Will! Oh Allah forgive me.

You see how sweet and precious that was! (Allah Hu Akbar) I ask Allah to remind everyone of us to remember in saying this Dua. Please be sure to share this article with your brothers and sisters to maximize the benefit.

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