This One Thing Can Change Your Life

You know in this life we want certain things, you want to have... young man wants to get married or a woman wants to get married, you want to have a good job, you want to have a house, you want your family to be okay, you want to provide for your children, you want to give them a good education, you want to get your kids married off, there are things we have priorities in our life, there are things that are on your mind right now you've been thinking about it for the last month, the last year, the last two years.

There is stuff that you want to accomplish in your life. Allah teaches us in his book that there's one thing if you can get it in this life, it's more valuable than everything else, everything else will be okay, if you have this one thing and that one thing is a closeness to Allah, is being good with Allah and truly developing a connection and a bond with Him. The problem with people is when life is good and only good for a lot of people they get distracted. You go from a video game to a movie, to checking social media status, to hanging out with friends, to a restaurant, to sleep, Allah is out of the picture.

There's no love left, it's just you chilling that's all there is and then times get tough and the friends aren't there and the game doesn't feel good anymore and the car doesn't look good anymore because the health is gone. When the health is gone none of those things need anything anymore. All you care about is... I just want to be out of the hospital bed. If I could just walk again that would be fine and people are bringing you your favorite food, you don't want to eat it. People will wanna show you a movie, you don't wanna watch it. All these things that you lived for, everything that you went from A to B to C to D and all these things are gone and you don't care about none of them because of this one blessing of Allah diminish for you a little bit and then at that point, you have two option.

If you are of these people that are on the cliff on the edge you can start complaining to Allah, why do you do this to me? You just didn't like that I was so happy? or you could earn the greatest treasure you and I can ever earn and that is a humility and of closeness to Allah to actually realize even when I was healthy, even when I was doing well, everything was fine, I didn't realize even then that I was on life support, Allah was actually providing for me every moment.

I didn't earn anything on my own. None of it was something that I deserved and this is why Allah will say and Allah will describe you can't earn something, it's a favor from Allah whatever he has given you but you don't realize it at the time because it just comes easy but then you start begging Allah, and crying to Allah and praying Allah like you've never prayed before, feeling closer to Him like you've never felt before and then Allah heals you and you realize those moments you had when nobody was in the hospital room, you were just by yourself, crying to Allah were the sweetest moments of your entire life. Those are the few moments of your life that you actually had nothing between you and Allah and those might be the moment that saves you in the Aakhirah (hereafter) and that might have been the biggest gift Allah ever gave you is those moments.

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