Things to Remember While Praying Tahajjud.

All praise be to Allah.

In this article we will discuss how the prayer of Tahajjud must ve performed.

1. The intention should be very clear. One must arrange to wake up at the last part of the night, however, is feasible for them.

2. Make wudoo and one must be completed in a state of purity as is mandatory for every other prayer.

3. Move to a quiet place far from all distractions and worldly matters.

4. Concentrate on being with Allah. Talking to Him and being conscious of Him.

5. Pray to attain His mercy and blessings.

6. Offer at least 2 rakaats up to 12 depending on your willpower.

7. Try to pray with family members and help them to benefit from this blessing too.
8. Try to emulate the Prophet (PBUH) during this auspicious hour of the night, as narrated by Hazrat A`isha (R.A): “ Allah’s Apostle used to offer eleven Rakat and that was his prayer. He used to prolong the prostration to such an extent that one could recite fifty verses (of the Quran) before he would lift his head. He used to pray two Rakat (Sunna) before the Fajr prayer and then used to lie down on his right side till the call-maker came and informed him about the prayer.” (Bukhari) Make this Namaz part of one`s routine as Rasulullah (PBUH) has disliked this act.

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar (R.A):

“O’Abdullah! Do not be like so and so, who used to offer Thahajjud at night and then stopped offering it.” (Bukhari)

9. Not forget to supplicate to Allah SWT for one`s just and rightful requests in order to get benefited from this exceedingly rewarding hour of darkness.

May Allah grant us the Iman to wake up at night and pray.

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  1. Asslm. Merci beaucoup pour vos enseignements. qu'Allah facilite


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