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QURAN MIRACLES - The Fastest Computer in the World

Let’s contemplate the new computer that was installed in Germany and it’s a device that carries out 223 billion calculations a second and contains 65 thousand processors and then compare this computer to the tiniest creatures........ …

Germany is witnessing the installation of the fastest computer for civilian applications in the world. In February22nd, 2008, a giant computer was first installed at the Germany city of Julich. This computer will be used to support the scientific research in Germany and other European countries according to the significance of the research to developapplied sciences in the fields of astronomy, energy, pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

This computer was the fastest among 500 computers for civilian purposes in the world; the only one faster computer is the computer that’s used for military applications in the American nuclear energy center at the state of California.

“Eugenh” Computer, the supercomputer, isn’t a personal computer for it includes 65 thousand processors that are installed in 16 boxesand each one is the same size as that of the necessary electronic chip for a normal phone. As for its sound during its functioning, it's so loud that it’s recommended to put on ear noise insulation before getting into the hall. In this respect, Dr. NeubertAtej, head of the application dept., says that all sixteen boxes generate heat up to 30 kw capacity.

 In order to work, the computer requires an environment of 16 degree temperature. The speed of the computer is almost that of 20 thousand PCs together i.e. it carries out almost 223billion calculations a second and this is something that could hardly be imagined as Atej says. Around 200 research teams from Germany and Europe could depend on the support of the computer in doing relevant calculations to their research and studies. In this respect, there's a committee that specifies which projects to be given the priority of making use of this support.

This is happening because simulation through forming models, charts, and others has become the third major pillar of sciences next to theory and application. Developing a new medicine requires many experiments to know the impact of the ingredients. Through the use of the computer, scientists could explore their general impact and save the time spent in conducting many lab experiments as well as saving money. As for astronomy, the computer plays a bigger role since laboratory experiments are way harder and more complex.
What about Allah’s Creation

Scientists in the West consider this computer at the top of technological and scientific advancement, but as a believer, I'd like to read this news from a faith perspective, an attitude that I often have when I read any scientific research. If we compare this giant computer to a tiny insect such as the mosquito, the mosquito will definitely surpass this device. In the mosquito's brain, there are several hundred thousands of cells and in every cell there's an extremely complex computer.

The supercomputer needs a complete building as well as a team of engineers and researchers. It also requires a special power plant, coolers, noise reduction devices, and control systems. This computer has 65,000 processors while the brain of one bee has almost a million processors.

Look at the head of a mosquito. Look at this perfect design for most of the head is compound eyes that have thousands of lenses through which the mosquito could see and find its way when flying. If it weren’t for this great design of the mosquito's eyes, it could have never been able to live and perform its functions. Scientists are puzzled and wonder from where has this wonderful design come. The answer is very obvious; it's Allah the Great who says in the holy Qur'an:“God is the Creator of all things, and He is the Guardian and Disposer if all affairs.”                                              

Man’s brain has more than million million neurological cells that function with highly efficiency and in an inimitable coordination. If we contemplate any creature on this earth, we’ll find that their brains function more efficiently than the new supercomputer. Don't all these facts testify and prove the might of Allah, the creator who addresses every atheist by saying:

“Such is the Creation of God: now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created: nay, but the transgressors are on manifest error.”Luqman: 11 


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