Qualities of a Dear Friend

Hadhrat Ali (Radhiallaahu Anhu) mentioned that the good friend and neighbour has the following qualities:

Forgive the shortcomings of the friend

Show pity to the friend's difficulties

Conceal his shortcomings

Overlook his excuses

Accept his forgiveness

Stop the backbiting spoken of the friend

Always be with the friend

Protect the friendship

Fulfil the needs of the friend

Visit him when he is sick

When he dies, be present at his Janaaza

When invited, accept his invitation

If he gives a gift, accept it
If he does good, then reciprocate accordingly

When the friend offers a bounty, then thank him

When he needs help then assist him

Preserve the honour and respect of your friend and his house

Fulfil his needs that accord with Shariah

Accept his intercession if it is according to Shariah

Do not make him despondent in his requests

Reply to the friend's sneeze by saying "Yarhmukallaahu" if he said 'Alhamdulillah'

If anything is lost of the friend, then assist him to look for it

Reply to his Salaam

Support and praise his good works

If one has taken an oath to fulfil something, assist him in accomplishing the oath

Assist your friend at all times whether he is an oppressor or oppressed. Assisting him if he is an oppressor is to stop him from oppression.

Also communicate with him and do not create animosity.

Don't disgrace a friend Don't swear a friend

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