How Visiting a Masque Made a 15 Year Old Revert to Islam.


Well, that's actually a very tricky question. I was 15 and enjoying the teenage life of your typical English girl, all I can say is that the path that I was headed towards was anything but the blessed path of God. One thing that I have learned for certain no matter who you are or where you are from if God wants you then He will have you, as a young adult I'd open debate with people on the falsehood of religion and the afterlife, looking back I realized how blind I was.

I was convinced that this was the only life and that my actions would not face any form of recompense. I believed myself free. I was imprisoned by the world! a friend and I often joked about what it would be like to visit the place of worship and both of us had previously been to church, however, neither of us had been to a mosque or a synagogue between ourselves we made a pact to investigate these strange places of worship.

My school was massively diverse so it was surprising that before this time I'd never truly made an effort to talk to the Asian girls in my class, however the following day - the discussions with my friend I decided to approach a group of the Asian girls in my health and social care class to see if they were Muslims, they told me that I was correct in my assertion, ''here's my chance I thought'' so I asked them if they would be able to take myself and my friend to the mosque. They happily obliged to my request and the next lesson I was in for a surprise, one of the girls had brought me a selection of books about the basic beliefs of Islam, the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the life of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him).

I grudgingly accepted those books thinking to myself, what on earth are these? why has she given them to me? The visit to the mosque inexplicably got postponed, however, one day I picked up the books, chose the one about Prophet Abraham and began to read. I was drawn in almost instantly and before I knew it I'd finished the book. The next one I chose was the last sermon of the Prophet Muhammed, I was amazed about how Islam projects equality and threw down racism and how the words of the Prophet could touch my heart so deeply and after I had learned a bit more about Islam, I reminded my new friends in my class about going to the mosque that weekend.
My friend who originally wanted to come, however, changed her mind. Over the following months, I attended my classes and improved my knowledge of Islam slowly. I was falling in love, through my contacts at the mosque, I managed to get acquainted with other Islamic circles, in particular, the Islamic societies of the two local universities. As I previously mentioned, I was fifteen and very confused over the whole situation. I was in love with this religion but also terrified of it. I did not know that it was possible to revert nor did I know that there were others in my erea who had also become a Muslim.

At one of the university lectures, I was introduced to a sister who told me that Sheffield my hometown was the ''revert capital'' and there was a local organization which assisted new Muslims and those looking into Islam. I was so excited because now I wasn't alone! upon hearing this exciting news I decided to head straight there along with the Muslim girls from my school, when we got there we were welcomed warmly, they taught me interesting words and also demonstrated how Muslims pray and my search for Islam was going so fast. I still wasn't sure what I was supposed to do?

One night i had a strange dream, at the time this dream did not have much significance to me, however, later it would show me a glimpse of the power of God. I dreamed that I was sitting at a table with the Muslims from my school and in the background, there was singing in a beautiful voice, I didn't understand the singing until after Ramadan. When I went to a friend's house they had an Islamic channel on and the ''call for prayer' began. What's that? I asked my friend, it's the ''call to prayer'' she replied. that was the singing in my dream God was calling me to his beautiful religion.

It was very soon after this that I told my friends that I was ready to be a Muslim, on one final note the friend I mentioned in the beginning of my story who initially wanted to come to the mosque with me but then canceled also reverted. Alhamdulillah for ISLAM.

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