How Much Do You Know About Kaaba’s Golden Door?

Hundreds of millions of Muslim arrive every year to perform Hajj or Umrah, and most likely noticed the shining golden color and its beautiful islamic art and decoration of golden door on the eastern side.

Here are some astonishing facts about the golden door.


Made of 280KG of pure gold that worth around 12,000,000$ the door Located at the eastern side of The Kaaba and raised 2 meters above the ground With dimension of 310cm high, 170cm width and thickness of 50cm which took almost a year in making. And was made to withstand the extreme weather and temperatures also to prevent the rain from getting inside.


Previously Kaaba didn’t have any door and it was open for anyone to enter until it was believed the 1st to make a door for the Kaaba was a king from Yemen “Tabe’e 3rd” long before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Afterwards The shape and the martial of the door has changed many times through the history, and every King made sure to design it with the most premium materials at their times and lately After King Khaled ben Aziz noticed some scratches on the previous door and started to look aged which was made in silver in 1942, he gave an order to make the latest one which was finished in Dhu al-Qidah 1399H (October 1979)

In a process took around 3 months of dedicated studies and preparations just to design to doors and As you can see it had such a beautiful Islamic decoration and texted with the names of Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Also some of the Versus of Quran.


Since the the eighth year after Hijrah The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said : “Take it, Oh Bani Talha, eternally up to the Day of Resurrection, and it will not be taken from you unless by an unjust, oppressive tyrant.” And until now THE guardianship of the Kaaba is still inherited by the sons of Shaybah and their successors. And anyone including the kings still need to get permission from them to open the door.

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