How Dajjal Looks Like

All praise be to Allah.

Dajjal is the biggest fitna that the world is to witness. All of the prophets have warned their ummah about the dajjal but none greater than Muhammad (peace be upon him).

He (Peace be upon him) has given us the description of dajjal more precisely and clarity

Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) used to refer to him as Al-Awar - The one with the blind eye. He described that the right eye of dajjal would be like a floating grape, shaking in his head and not in a fixed position. His left eye too will be defective, it will have a thick film, opaque, like that of a fingernail and it will be green in color like green glass and it will be bulging.

His complexion would be reddy white. He will be fair with a red tinge. His forehead will be the protruding, prominent and will have a wide neck.

He will be short and stout, powerfully built and his back will be slightly hunched. When he will walk his feet will fall apart and not together as a person normally walks.
His hair will be curly.

He will be sterile, This, he will not have any children.

He will have Kaafir written on his forehead, very clearly and anyone believer will be able to read it, no matter if he/she is illiterate or literate.

The letter ''KAAFIR'' will be written there. The fact that only Muslims and the believers will be able to recognize it, this doesn't mean that it is symbolic. it just means that Allah will have it in such a way that the believers will recognize it and others won't.

And Allah knows best.

May Allah save us from the fitna of dajjal (Ameen)

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