Do Not Joke About Allah.

Allah (swt) makes mention of how serious it is to joke about Allah, to joke about The Messenger of Allah, to joke about the signs of the verses of Allah, do not joke about the verses of the Quran, do not joke about the pious, about those things connected to Allah ((Subhanahu WA Ta'ala) because if we are to do that it will result in us being punished in this world and the next.

Do you know at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the hypocrites began to say, oh.. these people are greedy, they only want the spoils of war and so on, they started uttering statements like these and what happened? they were asked, they are talking about Sahaba, they are talking about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions and these were hypocrites, elements who uttered bad words, they were asked, why did you say these words?

Allah had revealed verses to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) exposing these statements so he called them, and he said why did you say this? they said, oh.. we were only joking, we were only joking and then the verses were revealed, verse number 65 and 66 of Surah At - Tawbah: Allah says ''Are you joking about Allah and His Messenger and Allah signs? Nay! do not present your excuses.. you have indeed entered the fold of disbelief after you were believers'' (Quran 9: 65-66)
Never joke about the verses of Allah, you know sometimes we get messages on our phones and so on we don't realize, they are joking about heaven, they are joking about hell, these are signs of Allah, they are joking about verses of the Quran. This is something serious, they are talking about angels, these are some serious matters, delete the message or send the person back a message to say brother read this verse of the Quran, and there you are 65 of Surah At Tawbah. may Allah (Subhanahu WA Ta'ala) protect us.

Sometimes unknowingly, our deed could result in the snatching away of our own peace because we have joked about something dear to Allah! something too respectful, something respectable and we are joking about it. may Allah bless us and grant us goodnes.

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