Allah's Unparralled Love for the Believers

Allah (swt) ends the Surah by talking about the people who will be protected from the horrors of the Day of Judgment, the people who will be protected from these predicaments and these difficulties in this situation and Allah (swt) mentions them saying: most definitely those people, the ones believed and then they further strengthened their belief and they did good deeds so they didn't just claim to believe! they didn't just say we're believers! but then they backed it up and they did good righteous deeds and actions.

You know for us there's a very practical realization of that and that's what's basically stated in not just in some Hadith, this is alluded to but many of the scholars have always stated this, that for us the prayer, the five times daily prayer, the salah is that is faith manifest. Salah is faith manifest. It's easier to say I'm a believer, I believe but then when I take a break from whatever is going on in my day, five times a day and I stand up before Allah and I pray and I offer my Salah, now that is faith, that is real faith, that's faith manifests, its practical, it's real, it's tangible and it shows I'm living it not just claiming it but living it and that's exactly what it mentions in Quran, they did good!

The people who believe and then make an effort to do good and even if they don't end up accomplishing a lot of good, as long as they tried the best that they could so just trying your best and that's the Foundation's laid. Allah says for such people very soon Ar - Rahman will make for them, very soon Ar - Rahman will reserve for them, LOVE! Unconditional love! Unparalleled love! and this is the same word from where the attribute of Allah Wadud comes from, the one that unconditionally loves, the one whose love cannot be matched by anyone or anything and that is what Wudud, that is who Allah is.
Muhammad (saw) is being told this in the beginning of when his Dawah went publi,c fourth or fifth year of Prophethood and he's being told, stick to what you're doing, you'll receive love, love like no one has ever seen before! and we see the eventual manifestation of that the night journey and ascension was such an unbelievable manifestation of that love. The Prophet of Allah kept doing what He was told to do and eventually he received such honor and dignity and love from Allah, the likes, the parallels of which have never been seen, before and never will be seen afterwards to receive such nearness to Allah as no other creation of Allah has ever experienced not even the Angels that are close to Allah and not even the leader the Imam of the angels Jibreel (as)

The narration actually says that even Jibreel (as) when he reached that boundary and he tells the Prophet (saw) to proceed and he says that that between me and Allah are 70,000 barriers of light and if I was to go near even some of them I would catch on fire and I would literally disintegrate. Allah's light is so profound, it is so unbelievable I can't even get near, I can't go beyond this point but you have been given the honor in the distinction to go beyond this point and in Surah Al - Najm; Allah says then He drew near and then He drew even closer that he was literally at the length of two bows, he was the length of two bows away from Allah so Allah and then Allah says or even closer than that!

This is describing what in private intimate moment it was between Allah and his Muhammad (pbuh) Muhammad (pbuh) had such acceptance, such love was provided.

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