A Weakness That Allah Loves

Did you know that there is a type of weakness that Allah loves. You say that is impossible and you say there's no such thing, Allah loves the strong. Allah loves a strong believer a strong Muslim absolutely but there is a type of weakness that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala loves and this is weakness that we display with our Muslim brothers and sisters, they are the only ones technically that it is allowed for us to be weak with and this is why Allah says in the Quran ''O You who have believed whoever of you should revert from his religion, Allah will bring forth (in place of them) a people He will love him (who are) humble toward the believers, powerful against disbelievers, they strive in the cause f Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic that is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills and Allah is all-encompassing and knowing (5:54)''

He uses the word Adillah and Dhul means disgrace. Of course, Allah is not saying that we should be disgraceful but rather that we should be low. Allah says ''Do not extend your eyes toward that by which we have given enjoyment to (certain) categories of the disbelievers, and do not grieve over them and lower your wing (of mercy) to the believers (15:88)'' lower your wing to the believers so you should not try to be above and you should not always try to be supreme with your brothers and sisters. It is allowed for you to be somewhat weak with them, in other words treat them kindly, treat them well, think of them highly, try not to be, you know, ostentatious or pompous with them, right?

This is the meaning of being weak, not that you should be, you know, weakness, in general, is not something that Islam condones but with your Muslim brothers and sisters. You should be as gentle and lenient and cordial as possible and this is why Prophet Muhammad SAW said in the authentic hadith: ''That Iman, (Blief and Faith) is a as Sabr (Patience) wassamaahah' 'Samaahah' has many deep meanings, a lot of deep meanings, one of them is forgiving and pardoning, another one is leniency so all of these beautiful meanings, should try to implement along with our brothers and sisters. how comes Muslims amongst each other, they don't treat each other this way even though the Prophet SAW is telling us that it is a part of faith.
It is part of faith to treat your Muslim brother this way! and this is why in the famous hadith also, a man went out one day. It seems he was thinking about the issue, he went out and he said ''I am giving charity'' with what? not with money but with his honor, with his pride and in other words he said, my honor my pride is sadaqa for whoever wants to insult me today. Right? It's slightly a different concept of charity, he means to say let anyone insult me, let anyone say whatever they want, I have forgiven them and I have part of them and this is why the next day Prophet Muhammad SAW said: who is the man who went and performed charity with his own self, with his own honor, with his pride? and the man said me ''O Messenger of Allah, he said, Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has accepted your charity! subhan Allah. how many of us are ready to say if a Muslim brother or sister has talked about me, has backbite me and has said something incorrect about me, has accused me, if any one of them has done that, I have forgiven them and I have pardoned them, it is a sadaka from me to them!

This is the meaning of a weakness that Allah loves. A weakness that we practice along with our Muslim brothers and sisters and only with our Muslim brothers and sisters and insha'Allah this will only make us stronger Muslims! stronger in faith and stronger and better even in the perception of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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