2 Qualities Needed for Allah's Mercy.

The verse where Allah makes mention of two primary qualities that are required in order to achieve the mercy of Allah, in order not to be prohibited from the mercy of Allah, in order to be protected from the wrath of Allah. You need two qualities in order to save yourselves from failure, what are these two qualities?

So many places in the Quran such as verse number five of Surat Ibrahim, Allah says: indeed these are signs for who? for those who have two qualities in them 'Sabr' and 'Shukr' and there is a difference between 'Sabar' and 'Shakur'

'Sabar' means patience and 'Shakur' means gratitude or thankfulness so Allah is saying these signs are appreciated by those who are 'Sabar'... 'Sabar' meaning very very patient, you know 'Sabir' means a person whose patient once, 'Sabir' he is patient but 'Sabar'! it means every day they are patient for a long long long time, they keep on being patient and they bear the patience.

Allah says those are the winners ''Allah Hu Akbar'' imagine it means you have calamity another problem, another problem, it's like the mountains just keep on building building and your patient, ''Allah Hu Akbar'' Allah says 'Sabar' and 'Shakur' a person who thanks Allah, a person who is always grateful.

My dear brothers and sisters no matter what difficulties you are going through on earth, concentrate on the positives, thank ''Allah'' (subhanahu wa'ta'ala) for what he has bestowed upon you, start counting your gift and you will realize they are innumerable.

May ''Allah'' (Subhanahu wa ta ala) grant us all goodnes.

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