Why April Fool's Day Is Haraam in Islam (Complete Answer)

Allah (Subhan Wa Tal'aa) strictly forbids lying at all times but Allah (Subhan Wa Tal'aa) specifically reproached and reprimanded the individual who lies in order to make people laugh and if you look at the society today, in our gatherings, you see it all the time, where people sit down and throw out jokes but they're lying and say: ''It's only a Joke'' RELAX ''Let us have a laugh'', not knowing Allah (Subhan Wa Tal'aa) warned us against this.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says: ''WOE BE ON HIM WHO SPEAKS A LIE TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH''. My dear brothers and sisters the gravity of this sin is extremely severe, understand this my dear brothers and sisters. It is absolutely Haram and to speak and lie is a major sin even when you're joking.

Did you understand this, you are not allowed to joke, it is haraam to do this. You are allowed to joke because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to have a Humor, He (pbuh) would play, He (pbuh) joke around with his companions, with the little children but as He (pbuh) said in an authentic narration that ''I ONLY SPEAK THAT WHICH IS TRUE'', so the condition of joking around, it must be in truth.

You are not allowed to sit down amongst the people and say: Let us have a few laugh, you know, creating/making something up or this nonsense. You say: Its only a joke, (Astagfirullah) people take appreciation in this and they encourage this decetful lies, Say: "Its Only Amusement Innocent Sort Of Entertainment'' and they have even made specific days for this ugly practice.

You pinch punch your friend on the first day of April and its a April Fools day (Astagfirullah). On the first of April you are lying and mocking and jokes and this and that, all in the name of jokes and laughter and amusement. IT'S HARAAM. Understand this my dear brothers and sisters. This is not acceptable in Islam.

You are not allowed to speak a lie in order to make people laugh, do you understand this brothers and sisters? Do you understand the gravity of lying? Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Says: ''WOE TO HIM''. Don't you think that's a severe sort of warning. It's like, in another word ''HELL TO YOU'' so you gotta be very careful.

People are different my dear brothers and sisters and please understand this, some people can accept things while others cannot, fight occurs, problems occur, destruction occurs from this Tounge so don't says it's only a joke, it's a joke to you but not to him or her so don't take this lightly.

My job is to convey the message and giving Hidayah (Guidance) is in Allah's hands. (May Allah protect us from this evil act) Ameen.

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