Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Five Top Qualities of Inspirational People That We Must Follow

If we ask people in todays times who and what inspires you in life today without doubt the average reader would name a number of celebrities and well known figures like Richard Branson or Bill Gates. Perhaps the average Muslim reader (yes you!) will think of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) as well as the numerous scholars of our contemporary era.

Here are some of the lessons that can be learned form number of influential people whilst not forgetting the best of our examples can come from the Seerah and our pious predecessors.

1. Have Conviction in Your Cause

One of the first notable traits of inspiring figures is that these people have true conviction in their cause; whether it is in establishing an organisation, studying to deliver knowledge or alleviating the needs of others. They ‘have sincere intentions and work hard’. These individuals have strived, persisted, driven, challenged and fulfilled this motto in its entirety by their consistent efforts each day towards their cause.

What is clear about these people is their conviction in their cause. Ultimately working for the sake of Allah and this Ummah can have no better reward and requires a renewal of our conviction in whatever we do every day of our life.

2. Ready to Embrace New Terrains?

Being ready to embrace new territory is probably one of the most difficult steps to take, yet this has developed and made these inspiring figures who they are today. Without their willingness to go outside of their comfort zone and embracing new learning experiences to help them get better at what they are doing is a lesson for us all. In particular, we’ve seen non-existent organisations flourish into leading providers of services much needed in the Muslim community but they didn’t all do it because they had the skills, knowledge or talent already in place! Rather it was the ‘let’s dive in and swim as you learn’ moments and attitude that has shaped them into people of integrity, experience and expertise in their fields. Think about what have you been afraid of accomplishing that you couldn’t do without some learning, training and mentoring from others?
3. Be Innovative and Creative

Never limit tour ability and creativity to do things. These people did not get it easy. Everything was not offered on a plate. We must learn fron them to observe our surroundings, contemplate and be creative. We must develop courage and determination to achieve that. If we have an idea but we lack the courage to do it, we will never be able to achieve it.

4. Have Visionary Leadership

An organization: Islamic Relief, began with one doctor, Dr Hany El-Banna and his vision to serve the world’s most needy people. He started with a 20p donation which is now a charity that brings in millions each year.

What we really want to focus on is the visionary leadership Dr Hany and his colleagues had in setting up IR at the time, they simply wouldn’t settle for second best – they wanted to be a leading organisation and thus we can takes lessons of inspiration about thinking BIG in whatever we want to accomplish. Indeed Allah is the One Who facilitates all great outcomes.

5. Don’t Quit Before You’ve Started!

Resilience and sheer persistence are the qualities get men and women. The never quit. The people who are able to achieve their goals are the ones who persistantly work for it. If resilience and never giving up moulded them into successful people, who are we to quit in our mission even before we’ve started?

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