Monday, 21 January 2019

Positive Thinking To Boost Productivity

Positive thinking produces positive emotions which, in turn, produce positive actions. One of the main factors that bring about a failure to achieve personal goals is negative thinking, as it produces negative emotions and negative results life. People fail when they keep telling themselves to maintain negative perceptions and lack confidence in their own potential. As a result, their life does not turn out the way they want.

The impact of thinking positive is seen as a trivial issue ignored by many. However, the benefits should not be overlooked. Positive thinking is a habit and here’s how you can cultivate it.

1. Learn how to motivate yourself

The hallmark of many people who do not achieve what they want in life is that they keep talking negatively to themselves with statements such as:

“I cannot afford to buy that.”
“I cannot do that.”
“I want to make more money but I can’t.”

Clearly, someone who thinks negatively will feel depressed and the routine for each day becomes worse, ending in disappointment. The person has unconsciously developed negative emotions in their inner self through negative thinking.
Successful people, on the other hand, set their goals and focus on them. They visualize what they want and keep thinking of it. They maintain positive thinking which, in turn, produces positive emotions and produce positive results.

Motivate yourself to be a positive thinker.


“I will become successful, earn a good income and give alms to the poor.”

Unconsciously, your positive emotions will produce positive energy that encourage feeling enthusiastic in following your routine.

2. Fake it until you make it

If you can’t get over your negative thoughts, just be a fake positive thinker. Every time you face a negative situation, motivate yourself to only think about the positive things. Change your perception when facing the negative situation. By doing this, you are motivating yourself to maintain positive thinking which will produce positive energy so that you will be a relaxed person when facing the situation that you do not want to.

For instance, say you have to finish multiple assignments in one day.

Motivate yourself to say:

“I will finish these one by one and submit it before the deadline.”

Organize yourself to finish the assignments one by one so that you will not feel depressed or overwhelmed by the situation. This will make your work systematic. The result will be much better rather than feeling burdened by a lot of assignments and producing poor quality results.

Once you start thinking positive, you will never go back to being a negative thinker. So fake being a positive thinker until you’re able to overcome your negativity.
3. Have confidence in yourself

Once you start living as a positive thinker, you have to avoid the negative people that criticise you. It is undeniable that when people want to change from bad to good, there will be a buzz that will affect your intention to be good. These people are trying to lower your confidence and drag you down to their negative style. If you continue to keep their company, you may find yourself being unconsciously drawn into negative thinking.

When you are in the early stages of changing yourself to be a positive thinker, you have to avoid such people that will only produce negative results in your life. Let them be that way if they want to, but you should remain strong in achieving your goal. Ignore their criticism towards your transformation and just keep on being a positive thinker.

Are you a transformed negative thinker? If so, tell us about your experience, and how overcoming your negative self-talk has improved your life. Don’t be shy, you never know who your words will inspire.

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