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How to a be a Productive Member of your Masjid

The masjid is the center of a Muslim community. Although masjids are specifically made for the worship of Allah, it is also a meeting point for Muslims to gain knowledge therein and recite The Qur’an, to seek counsel and to meet other Muslims, to remember Allah (The Exalted).

Whether you live in a Muslim society with a masjid around every corner, or in a non-Muslim country where the masjid is the lifeline of the community, you should appreciate your masjid and support it. Here are some top tips on how to be a productive member of your masjid:

1. Be Aware:

Find out what’s happening at your masjid, and how you can support the projects already in place. You can simply e-mail, call or visit the masjid and say you would like to volunteer and offer your help if they need it.

Don’t consider any task too small, for Allah is Ash-Shakur (The Most Appreciative) and we will need every good deed we can get on the Day of Judgment.

If your masjid is not a very vibrant one, think of how your masjid can go beyond serving the spiritual needs of your community and support its educational and social demands too. Perhaps your community needs a series of classes on seerah (biography of the Prophet, Peace and blessings be upon him), or Muslim youth activities; identify what your community needs and send this suggestion to the Management/Board of the masjid and volunteer yourself for the project.

2. Teach Basic Islamic Studies or Quran:

If you have verified authentic knowledge, you can use the masjid to teach the basic principles of Islam to young Muslims, and nurture a love and attachment to the masjid from a young age. Similarly if you are qualified, you can teach tajweed to attendees of the masjid and help them recite The Book of Allah (The Exalted).

Holding halaqas are a great way to encourage members to participate and get more involved in the masjid.

3. Donate Regularly:

Another essential way to be active in the masjid is by donating regularly. The masjid is the place where so many Muslims belonging to different backgrounds meet and worship Allah in congregation. It is your duty to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the masjid. Therefore, donate to the masjid, and keep the spirit of sadaqah in your life all year round.

4. Keep the Masjid Clean:

The masjid is a place in which Allah (The Exalted) is being worshipped – it is important to keep it clean. This task may seem off-putting or petty, but it is a noble one.

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that a black man (or a black woman) used to clean the masjid, and he died. The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) asked about him, and they said that he had died. He said, “Why did you not tell me? Show me his grave.” (Or he said, “her grave.”) So he went to her grave and offered the funeral prayer for him/her. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Ibn Hajar commented, “The hadeeth indicates the virtue of cleaning the masjid, inquiring after servants and after friends if they are absent.”

5. Give Da’wah Pamphlets

You can print or pick up da’wah pamphlets from an Islamic website/organization, and distribute them to brothers or sisters (topics can be on the importance of salaah, virtue of sadaqah, obligation of modesty, etc).

You can also print and distribute flyers to publicize the upcoming event or class your masjid will be holding.

6. Meet your brothers or sisters in faith

Spread and return the Islamic greeting of ‘Assalaamu ‘alaykum’. Ask how others and their families are doing; if someone is absent from attending prayers, inquire about them. Create a sense of love and community among each other.

7. Make note of any lonely or poor members of your community

This way it will be easy to reach them when you want to invite them for iftar, a wedding, Eid, or just perform an act of kindness.

8. Utilize vacations

Why not initiate a summer program for the kids? During the school vacations, the masjid can be of great benefit and service by gathering the young (and old) and making them memorize The Noble Qur’an, or teaching Islamic manners and character. At the end of the summer vacation, you can distribute desserts or prizes to encourage and reward the children.

9. Reach out to the Youth

It is important to involve the youth. Organize appropriate activities for the young brothers and sisters.

For the younger children, you can organize certain trips to lovely places where the kids can enjoy their time.

During such a trip, you can teach them more du’a found in Fortress of a Muslim Du’a Book (i.e. the du’a of mounting a vehicle, the adhkar (remembrance) of the evening, etc.).

10. Back-to-School Support for Youth

When it is time to go back to school, help your masjid organize tutoring services in different subjects either for free or a small donation. Either before or after the tutoring sessions, a small Islamic reminder can be given and Quran recited.

These are just some ideas of what you can do for your masjid. Now, say ‘bismillah’ and go for it!

How are you involved in your masjid? Anything missing in the list above? Let us know!


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