Seven Simple Assignments to Make Your Way Easy

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says that for whoever walks on the path seeking knowledge, Allah (SubhanWa Ta'laa) makes the path to Paradise easy. Indeed the angels lower their wings for the student because they are pleased with what he’s doing.

The most important part of this good news is that for the student, Allah (SubhanWa Ta'laa) makes the path easy. Who among us doesn’t want that? We all want the path to Paradise to be easy for us. The best way to do that is to seek knowledge and to learn. And the most important book of knowledge is our Quran.

As we help you learn this wonderful book, all we ask of you is seven simple homework assignments to be completed each day: reading, reciting from memory, notebook, vocabulary card, listening, discussion, and change.

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1. Reading— For at least five minutes when you are at home or in the masjid, recite from the Quran. Your target will be 25 minutes, but you can start with five from the Mushaf.

2. Reciting from memory— Recite five minutes from memory each day.

3. Notebook—Spend five minutes studying your Understand Quran notebook.

4. Vocabulary Card— Spend 30 seconds studying your vocabulary card.

5. Listen— Listen to the one-hour recording for the complete course whenever you can, even while walking or doing chores.

6. Discussion— Discuss your lessons with those near you.

7. Change—Recite different surahs in your salat (don’t just stick with the same surah).

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