Muslims must understand that celebrating X-max is not an issue of mu'amalat (social interactions) it is an issue of 'ibadah (worship). Be a consistent Muslim.

"Or have they partners with Allaah (false gods), who have instituted for them a religion which Allaah has not allowed...." Q42:21

We are allowed to give and take gifts and foods from our Jews and Christian neighbors and acquaintances but not what was slaughtered during their religious festive periods. This is popular opinion held by Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah and others. If we had been nice to our Christian neighbors all year around as Islam teaches, we would not have to wait till X-max to demonstrate that.

Islamically, it is encouraged to be generous to Christians but we do not join them in churches on Sundays because it is haram (prohibited) same principle goes with X-Max greetings and eating their meats on such occasions.

If we are convinced that it is haram (prohibited) to go to church and worship as a Muslim and our Christian friends are happy with that. Then explain why you don't join them in celebrating X-max too.

Our Christian friends do not take offense when we don't follow them to church because they respect our religious stand, so also is the case with X-Max when we explain to them. How more polite can we be to tell someone in a very diplomatic psychological way that our religion does not permit wishing them happy X-max..
In a desperate bid to be seen as progressives, we retrogress spiritually by pleasing others at the detriment of Allaah's pleasure.

Joining them in their joy in this moment is the antithesis of what our lives depend on TAUHEED. Islam is not placed in the intellect and opinions of individuals, it is what Allaah approves of and is pleased with. Christmas is the *celebration of birthday of God's son*.

Muslims don't believe Allaah has a son, so we don't condone such celebrations in any way.

We don't accept any gifts in commemoration of this godforsaken event, nor do we donate into xmas boxes placed at mall counters, filling stations, hospitals and shops.

Behold! The fear of people should not prevent you from speaking the truth....Truth will liberate you. When you speak the truth, trust me a lot of people are not going to like you but they will respect your stands. Be very nice to non-Muslims at all times, this is a core teaching of Islam, but please know the boundaries and limits set by Allaah.

May Allah forgive our shortcomings and make us able and excellent ambassadors of Islam at all times and at all places.

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