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There are tell-tale signs when our energy levels have become too low. When energy levels are low we suffer both physically and mentally and, most certainly, it affects our productivity.

Below are some examples that you may have experienced.

Scenario 1:

I was sitting at my desk immersed in my tasks when suddenly I became irritated by my lack of focus and concentration. I felt a slight slouch in my posture as I sat in my chair. I stopped for a moment and I realized that in the last 30 minutes or so my productivity had decreased compared to earlier that morning.

Scenario 2:

I was walking down the aisle of my favorite supermarket and felt as though my cart was becoming more strenuous to push by the minute. I looked in the basket and realized that it was relatively empty as I had just begun my shopping. Then a gurgle came from my stomach and I realized that several hours had passed since my last meal. Thankfully, I could grab a snack from one of the shelves to satiate my hunger and re-energize myself. This allowed me to finish my shopping, drive home and unload my bags from the car.

We need to understand the importance and impact food has on our body’s capacity to perform. Letting ourselves go hungry for hours at a time is harmful and counterproductive.

Here are the Muslim Fitness surefire tips on how keep brain activity & energy levels high all day:
1.      Start your day with a nutrient-packed breakfast

Too many people deny themselves this very important meal of the day. Having breakfast serves as a catalyst for your body and brain because it kick-starts your metabolism. Your metabolism is your engine. It is responsible for the speed at which your body and brain perform. Have a breakfast that feeds the muscle for strength with a good protein source, like an egg omelet with cheese and feed the brain with a good carbohydrate, like oats, a whole wheat muffin or bread.

2.      Always carry healthy snacks as a quick pick-me-up

We absolutely need to have healthy snacks handy to help keep our energy levels high between meals. Nuts provide healthy fats for proper brain activity and lots of energy. Fill several zipper bags with mixed nuts and dry fruits and drop one in your purse or bag, keep one in the car and one in your office desk drawer, and don’t forget to drop one in your gym bag too! Relaying your energy sources between meals will help keep you energetic, focused and productive.

3.      Eat fruit

Fruits are a source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are ideal when in need of energy. The brain’s favorite source of energy is the carbohydrate. A fruit is an ideal snack to keep energy levels and brain activity at peak between meals. Reach for a crunchy fibrous apple, a potassium-filled banana, or anti-oxidizing berries. Their benefits are many fold!

4.      Drink 1 to 2 liters of water every day

Water is the source of life. The human body is composed of approximately 60% water. Dehydration causes lethargy, sluggishness, and inability to focus and concentrate as well as induces headaches. Our body needs water to help distribute nutrients through the bloodstream to our body parts, including the brain. So many of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Have a glass of water with every meal. Never leave home without a bottle of water. Never go to the gym without a bottle of water. Never sit at your desk without a bottle of water. Never be without a bottle of water!


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